Cycle To Earn – Web3 Ecosystem Cycling To Earn Tokens

In the past time, it is impossible not to mention Web3 applications for community health training and Move to Earn which have had great breakthrough success, creating a strong attraction between Play to Earn with real life. Prominent at this moment is Cycle to Earn – a cross-platform Web3 application about cycling to earn tokens.
Cycle To Earn – Web3 Ecosystem Cycling To Earn Tokens

How does the Cycle to Earn application work?

Any participant of the Cycle to Earn app is given a basic bike with a 100% power rating – which corresponds to your actual bike in real life. Every 5km that the player moves according to the stats of the app will dig 800 CTE.

With the mined CTE tokens, players can use it to buy, sell, exchange the corresponding NFT items to upgrade the car to a better version, or convert it to USDT to withdraw to the wallet.

NFT items in Cycle to Earn

Cycle To Earn – Web3 Ecosystem Cycling To Earn Tokens

NFT items are the components that make up a complete bike and have different specifications to enhance the quality of the bike. If the player wants his car to run more km, better energy stats, the player must equip NFT items:

  • Power steering, helping players be more flexible in the bends.
  • Brakes to reduce town, balance to help the car not slip when cornering, when going uphill, downhill.
  • Power-assisted saddle, helping players to drive long distances without fatigue.
  • The balance wheel, rpm helps players achieve the best speed when participating in racing in the metaverse with the play-to-earn function.
  • Chain with speed increase mode, shorten the pedal cycle.
  • Electronic balance pedal, power assist.
  • Gear bike helps players achieve the fastest speed.
  • A bicycle frame helps players limit wind resistance, parking, and acceleration.

As such, players will be able to choose between hundreds of NFT items to upgrade their bikes. With the nature of different races and different stats, players also have to consider choosing the most suitable NFTs to help their car achieve victory over other players. Victory will bring many rewards and our riders will definitely feel great after giving their best.

Metaverse Center

Cycle To Earn – Web3 Ecosystem Cycling To Earn Tokens

Join 4 challenging race tracks: Trails; Pass Road; City Road; and Long Road; players will have unforgettable experiences when they have to conquer the difficulty, endurance, and application requirements. In particular, players also have to ‘fight to the end’ to gain medals, ready for the Fame Race to be held later.

There are 2 modes for players to choose to participate in PVP and PVE.

  • PVP is a player-versus-player competition mode. Participants will have to overcome levels, and challenges and overcome other players to win and receive great rewards.
  • PVE is a private racing mode, cyclists can enter the track to practice, overcome obstacles, conquer the roads, and exploit NFT to trade on the Market with other players.

Fame Race

Cycle To Earn – Web3 Ecosystem Cycling To Earn Tokens

Fame Race is the name of the most anticipated tournament in the Metaverse CTE. By locating via GPRS, anyone in possession of the medals can participate.

Fame Race will be held on a global scale, and huge prizes of hundreds of thousand of dollars will be awarded to silk drivers who have the ability to combine ability with a tactical strategy to be worthy winners.

Conditions of participation:

  • Complete the task every day, every day need to run at least 5km continuously for 10 days.
  • Run accumulated enough 200km.
  • Upgrade vehicles with enough energy index from 100km or more.


With a total supply of 2 billion, CTE details the token allocation plan as follows:

Cycle To Earn – Web3 Ecosystem Cycling To Earn Tokens


Cycle To Earn – Web3 Ecosystem Cycling To Earn Tokens

Strategic partners

Cycle To Earn will cooperate with strategic partners to support and cooperate for mutual development. All those who love cycling training will certainly not be able to resist the huge attraction of many attractive offers and promotions being launched.

Cycle To Earn’s strategic partners are reputable reputable bicycle manufacturers and distributors. Big names in the crypto industry working together include Binance, MEXC, CoinGecko, MetaMask,… and even CoinCu Ventures.

Cycle To Earn will create booths, stores, advertising signs, and affiliate links to the partner’s sales website. The community of Cycle To Earn participants will be able to buy a variety of bikes with different models.


Cycle To Earn – Web3 Ecosystem Cycling To Earn Tokens

Information of CTE

  • Official Token Symbol: CTE
  • Quantity Total Supply: 2 billion CTE Tokens
  • Smart Contract Code: 0xef34124801Cd526142fb6bfB5BD1022554008c4a
  • Network: BSC – BEP20
  • Copayments: BNB, BUSD, USDT
  • Application can be accessed: Smartphone, Tablet, PC/Laptop
  • Application support: GPRS, internet.

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