What Is Anti-phishing Code? How To Set Up It On Binance

What is anti-phishing code? How to set up an anti-phishing code on Binance. Phishing attack is an attack method used by hackers quite often. Why do exchanges frequently prompt users to use anti-phishing code? Is this an effective tool to help users resist attacks in this way?

What is anti-phishing code?

Anti-phishing code is a security feature provided by exchanges that allow users to add an extra layer of security to their accounts against fraudulent forms of exchanges. This feature is mainly used to prevent email phishing.

When the user activates the anti-phishing code, the system will use this code in all genuine emails from the exchanges sent to the user. From there, it will help users distinguish between genuine and scam emails, helping them prevent phishing attacks.

Fake emails are often very similar to real emails, complicated to distinguish, and differ only in a few minor details that confuse users and make them become victims of the attack. To disguise the most real, lousy news often targets the following factors:

  • Sender email address.
  • Use brand image, logo, and interface like the original.
  • Use links containing confusing characters.
  • Use link spoofing techniques to trick users (the text in the email is a link, but when you click it, it’s a different link).

What is phishing attack?

Phishing attack, is a form of attack that bad guys take advantage of, masquerading as reputable units to trick users into providing personal information or transferring money.

Hackers often pretend to be banks, online transaction sites, exchanges, and credit card companies to trick users into sharing sensitive information such as login account & password, password transactions, credit cards, and other valuable information.

Phishing attack is one of the biggest cybersecurity threats in the world. In crypto, there are 3 common types of attacks:

  • Email Phishing: Spoofing emails from reputable people & organizations.
  • URL redirection & URL Phishing: Fake domain name, website. Usually, login pages steal information.
  • Voice Phishing: Phishing through automated dialog boxes or SMS.

If deceived by phishing attacks, users will enter necessary information such as account, password, and passphrase and send it to the hacker, so there is a high possibility of losing money. The consequences of phishing attacks are enormous, possibly the entire property, so be equipped with the knowledge to protect your assets.

Why use Anti-phishing code?

Many people are too confident in 2FA (2-layer security with Google Authentication tools), so they are subjective to other forms of cyber security attacks. Remember, in the crypto market. It’s never too late to be careful.

As mentioned above, the bad guys can use a lot of tricks with the rate of a real email up to 99%. Just a second of neglecting the user can lose the property.

The bigger the exchange, the more phishing attacks appear. The consequences of phishing attack are enormous. Exchanges also cannot support users to recover assets when phishing attack takes place. Please be responsible for your own money.

The operation to, take a few minutes to initialize this security layer.

Instructions for creating an anti-phishing code on the Binance exchange

Step 1: At the homepage of binance.com/en, select My Account → Security.

Step 2: In the Security section, select Anti-phishing code.

Step 3: Select Create Anti-phishing code.

Step 4: Enter the Anti-phishing code of 4 – 20 characters as you like, then select Submit.

Step 5: Enter the confirmation code sent to your phone/email, users can also choose to use the Google Authenticator code if set up. Then select Submit.

Step 6: After successful setup, the screen will display as follows. From setup onwards, official emails from Binance will include the line of code chosen by this user.

Binance encourages users to regularly change the Anti-phishing code to ensure optimal account security. Steps to change the anti-phishing code:

Step 1: At the Binance homepage, select Security → Advanced Security, then select Change in the Anti-phishing code section.

Step 2: Select Change Anti-phishing code, enter the desired code, then select Confirm.

Step 3: Enter the confirmation code sent to your phone/email, users can also choose to use the Google Authenticator code if set up. Then select Submit. Thus, the step of changing the anti-phishing code has been completed.


Anti-phishing code is an effective tool to help users prevent scams, fake images and emails of major exchanges. Do not hesitate to spend a few minutes to ensure the security of your account is better.

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