Avalanche Weekly Recap | June 20th- 26th, 2022

This Avalanche weekly recap is for informative purposes only and not investment advice. Let’s have a look at the new updates this week.

Network Growth

Daily Transactions

Average Daily Transactions Jun 20th- 26th on the Avalanche C-chain reach 243,041 transactions. Down 21.8% since last week (310,757). The number reached 286,259 at the peak of the data on June 24th. And the lowest was on June 26th, with 218,940 transactions.

Unique Addresses

The Cumulative Unique Addresses index is currently at 3,034,075 addresses. Last week, there were 3,008,495 addresses, indicating a 25,580 addresses rise. Which is -7.92% more than what it was last week (27,788). The daily increase rate remains at 3,654 addresses. Down 7.92% compared to last week (3,969).

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Active addresses

During Jun 20th- 26th, there is an average of 46,416 active addresses. Down from 49,871 last week (-6.92%). June 20th is the day with the most active addresses (49,646 addresses). While the lowest index day of the week is June 22th with 42,876 addresses.

Total Value Locked

The Total Value Locked in 7-days has increased 4.47%, from $5.42 billion to $5.68 billion. Avalanche is still in third place. After being dropped constantly for two weeks, there was a slight increase in the amount of recovery.

Top 10 Price Performance last 7D in Ecosystem

Highlight Events

Ava Labs Releases Core, a Web3 Operating System for Avalanche

Ava Labs has released Core, a non-custodial browser extension engineered for users to seamlessly and securely use Web3 powered by Avalanche. Until today, Web3 browser extensions were weighed down by cumbersome and fragmented experiences across applications, becoming more of an obstacle to Web3 adoption rather than a warm invitation.

Core erases these pain points, becoming more than just a wallet.

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Avalanche Builds Bitcoin Bridge Via Core Wallet

On June 22Ava Labs officially launched the Avalanche – Bitcoin bridge via Core, the crypto wallet application announced in March.

This new bridging function aims to unlock more than half a trillion dollars in value on the Bitcoin network. The bridge will tokenize the top coins in the form of an Avalanche-based token called BTC.b and is fully usable on DeFi v such as Platypus and TraderJoe.

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Curvegrid’s NFTeapot and MultiBaas Blockchain Middleware Now Support the Avalanche Network

Curvegrid, a Tokyo-based blockchain tooling company, today announced that NFTeapot and the MultiBaas suite of products now support the Avalanche network to offer a fast, low-cost, and eco-friendly blockchain experience.

NFTeapot is Curvegrid’s NFT minting app available on the Shopify app store. With NFTeapot, merchants can create, sell, and deliver NFTs to their customers in an easy and cost-effective manner directly from their Shopify store. There is no need for blockchain or programming experience, and buyers have the opportunity to purchase NFTs using standard payment methods such as credit, debit cards, or Shopify Payments without the need for cryptocurrency.

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FTX now supports AVAX USDT

The whole cryptocurrency market is seeing a downturn. As a result, several exchanges restricted crypto withdrawals and removed trading pairs, however the FTX exchange added AVAX/USDT, TRX/USDC, and MATIC/USDC trading pairs.

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DeFi Lego

Yield aggregator

Defrost Finance’s biggest innovation is coming soon

Defrost V2 is a DeFi leveraging protocol, built on Avalanche, that efficiently allows users to participate in leveraged trading or earn leveraged yields in a trustless and user-friendly way.

Defrost V2 contains two main products, namely decentralized leveraged tokens and decentralized leveraged instruments, all powered by Supervaults, similar to the yield-compounding vaults in Defrost V1.

The leveraged tokens will be launched first, while leveraged instruments will come at a later stage.

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DeFi Yield Protocol Launchpad is introduced

DYP LaunchPad provides great launching opportunities for high-quality crypto projects, a team of professional crypto experts for guidance, and fair access for all DYP users. DeFi Yield Protocol LaunchPad brings new token offerings to the crypto market and users will have access to project tokens for a reduced price as per their staking, farming balance, or DYP Tools premium subscription.

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AI & Big Data

SubQuery Launches The Public Version Of The Frontier Testnet

On Tuesday 28 June, SubQuery will begin the final phase of the testing for the SubQuery Network with the launch of season 3 of the SubQuery Frontier testnet.

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The SubQuery Token (SQT) sale is coming soon

Now is your chance to participate in the SubQuery Network by purchasing the SubQuery token (SQT). Be a part of the future of web3 infrastructure as we move towards a decentralized future. Find out how to get your hands on SQT below

  • Tokens Allocated for the Event: 1,200,000,000 SQT (12% of the total SQT supply).
  • KYC Requirements: All participants must pass KYC with Tokensoft. Prohibited jurisdictions: USA, China, New Zealand, Iran, North Korea, Syria, and Cuba
  • Currency: USDC (on Ethereum network)
  • Token Distribution: SQT distribution to successful participants will take place closer to the mainnet launch via an official UI. There will be no tokens available at Public Sale

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Lending and Borrowing

Moremoney V2: aligning incentives for all participants

Announcing the advent of Moremoney V2, the update that aims to align the interests of all ecosystem participants:

  • This will align incentives for all participants
  • Adoption of a variable interest rate model to further strengthen the USD peg of MONEY
  • MONEY will become the first interest-bearing stablecoin on Avalanche
  • Minting fees for MONEY will be the lowest on Avalanche
  • MONEY holders and Liquidity Providers will be able to boost yields with veMORE

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MetaDerby Launches Play-to-Earn Horse Racing Game on Avalanche

This week, MetaDerby released its free, play-to-earn horse racing game built on Avalanche. The full game came out on Wednesday, and players are already claiming starter horses and competing in races. Players can do many things, including racing on various tracks, trading and breeding horses, and betting on races. For their effort, players earn tokens.

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Crabada Introduces $CRA Staking Program

Participate in the newly launched CRA staking program by staking your CRA to receive CRA rewards for a limited time only!

  • 30-Day Term (5.5% APY)
  • 60-Day Term (6.1% APY)
  • 90-Day Term (6.8% APY)

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Tutorial article on how to mint Platypus NFT

The current minting price and number of NFTs minted are right at the center of the minting page. Check out the prices below:

  • Priority sale: 250 PTP
  • Public sale: It will be Dutch auctioned. The minting will begin at 500 PTP, and it will drop by 20 PTP every 30 minutes until it reaches 200 PTP.

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