Anonymous Will Bring Do Kwon To Justice!

Anonymous, the world’s most notorious hacker organization, posted a video on YouTube and issued a direct warning to Do Kwon, co-founder of Terraform Labs.
Anonymous Will Bring Do Kwon To Justice!

On June 26, Anonymous’ YouTube channel uploaded a video declaring war on Do Kwon, co-founder of Terraform Labs. In the video, the hacker organization mentions the events related to the collapse of LUNA and the eyeballs in Do Kwon’s background.

At the same time, Anonymous announced that it would “go to the end” of the matter and wanted Do Kwon to go to prison as soon as possible.

In the posted video, Anonymous has exposed all the events that the press recently mentioned Do Kwon including his pocketing $80 million per month. Anonymous said that if it was a mistake or an accident then it is acceptable but that Terra’s fall was “a preparation.”

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Anonymous Will Bring Do Kwon To Justice!

The international activist believes that the founder of Terraforms Labs should be responsible for defrauding billions of dollars from investors. At the same time, Anonymous raised Kwon’s arrogant times when he criticized and disparaged projects and opponents as if he would never fail.

Some examples given by Anonymous are articles about Kwon, and some short clips of interviews where he views the failure of projects as entertainment. When referring to the $2.7 billion profit from LUNA, the notorious hacker organization said that Kwon had denied the allegation in a roundabout and unrealistic way.

Anonymous also mentioned Basis Cash, the algorithmic stablecoin project Do Kwon took over before Terra. This project failed after only a few months of release. According to Anonymous, the collapse of Basis Cash caused many investors to lose everything. However, Do Kwon is not responsible before the law for being anonymous and using the pseudonym “Rick Sanchez”.

The last message that Anonymous left for Do Kwon in the video:

“Do Kwon, if you are listening. Sadly, there are nothing that can be done to reverse the damage that you have done. At this point, the only thing that we can do is hold you accountable and make sure that you are brougth to justice as soon as possible. We are Anonymous. We are legion.”

The Korean government is still investigating Terraform Labs. In the latest move, the country’s authorities have summoned all of the organization’s operating staff and programmers to a special investigation team to serve the process of clarifying the case.

Anonymous Will Bring Do Kwon To Justice!

On June 21, the death task force “Yeoui-do”, in charge of investigating the LUNA case, has just made a decision to ban exit and travel with people who used to work at TerraForm Labs. As reported by CoinCu, the employees of Terraform Labs are currently banned from leaving the country.

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