Discover The Huge Fortune Of Su Zhu, The Co-founder Of Three Arrows Capital

According to sources, multiple liquidators are attempting to seize the assets of Singapore-based crypto hedge fund Three Arrows Capital (3AC), co-founded by Su Zhu. And now according to the latest news that CoinCu reported, Three Arrows Capital filed for chapter 15 bankruptcy in New York.
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Su Zhu, the co-founder of Three Arrows Capital

3AC, former Credit Suisse traders Su Zhu and Kyle Davies co-founded in 2012. Both are currently in their 30s.

Zhu is the co-founder, director, CEO, and CIO of 3AC, while Davies is the co-founder and president of the company. The cryptocurrency they hold reportedly amounts to several billion dollars at a time.

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The luxury bungalow on Yarwood Avenue was purchased last December for $48.8 million. Source: Samuel Isaac Chua/EdgeProp Singapore
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The location of the house is on Yarwood Avenue. Source: EdgeProp Inspector

Su Zhu has used some of his crypto profits to buy real estate over the past few years. According to real estate title search results, he bought 3 bungalows in Singapore from 2019 to 2021, in his name and his wife (Tao Yaqiong). The total value at purchase amounted to $83.55 million.

The latest purchase took place last December when Su Zhu and Tao jointly acquired the right to rent a luxury bungalow under the trust of their son, a 3-year-old toddler. This property is located on a 2960.16 square meter 999-year lease on Yarwood Avenue in Kilburn Estate, just off Dunearn Road in District 21. The purchase price is $48.8 million ($1,532 for 0.09m2), according to an announcement dated December 3, 2021.

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The luxury bungalow on Dalvey Road is still under construction. Source: Samuel Isaac Chua/EdgeProp Singapore
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Dalvey Road home was purchased in September 2020 for $28.5 million and planning permission for redevelopment. Source: EdgeProp Inspector

In addition, near the Botanical Garden at Dalvey Road, Zhu owns another luxury bungalow currently under construction. The property was purchased for $28.5 million ($1,831 for 0.09m2) in September 2020, now in Tao’s name.

image 74
Su Zhu is said to own one of the bungalows at Goodwood Grand on Balmoral Road. Source: Albert Chua/EdgeProp Singapore
image 75
Goodwood Grand on Balmoral Road has 8 bungalows and a 65-unit apartment complex. Source: EdgeProp Inspector

In June 2019, Zhu bought a bungalow on Balmoral Road for $6.25 million ($1,192 for 0.09 m2) in his name. With a floor area of 486,9977 square meters, this is one of eight bungalows located in Goodwood Grand, a 73-unit project including a 65-unit apartment block. Completed in 2017, the property is jointly developed by Tong Eng Group, the Ng family of Clarus Group, and Tiong Seng Holdings.

Zhu and other parties related to 3AC also jointly own 5 luxury properties, including 3 luxury bungalows, a commercial townhouse, and a townhouse. Other assets include a fleet of supercars and a yacht.

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