Time: 1:00 PM UTC July 9 to 5:00 PM UTC July 15, 2022

To pre-heat warm-up for the upcoming ByteNext Launchpad Campaign, we are hosting a giveaway that gives out ByteNext Medal to the community.

Reward Pool:

Top 10 users with the highest entry will receive 1 BNU Gold Medal
Top user ranked 11 to 30 will receive 1 BNU Silver Medal

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RULES: (Do it or lose on it)

To participate, visit HERE
Complete the trivia.
Recheck your BLOCTO wallet & submit entry
Join ByteNext community for the winner list announcement

ByteNext Launchpad— Pioneering Launchpad on Flow blockchain

Today ByteNext is proud to announce ByteNext Launchpad, a service platform in our ecosystem which gives blockchain enthusiasts more opportunities to get involved with potential blockchain projects.

ByteNext launchpad is not the first launching platform, but it continues our innovation journey to be one of the pioneering launchpads on Flow blockchain. This article aims to keep our vibrant community in the know and aware of all the juicy updates about this launch.

ByteNext’s Vision for the Market:

Since 2017, we have been developing Smart Contracts for projects, thereby being very aware of the potential of Blockchain. We knew from the very beginning that Blockchain will not only apply to the financial sector, but it can also be applied to all aspects of life. Thus, with the advantage of tech capabilities, we always think about how to create ByteNext DApps that can be applied to real life as much as possible.

In light of this, ByteNext Launchpad is the next big thing in our proud-to-be journey on Flow blockchain.

ByteNext Launchpad’s Mission:

We set out some key main goals in mind when we developed ByteNext launchpad. These serve as a solid mission statement, a working philosophy that enabled the ByteNext team to follow. Namely, these are:

  1. ByteNext Launchpad will serve as an environment that facilitates hassle-free, professional fundraising for NFT & Metaverse startups. ByteNext Launchpad promotes highly potential blockchain & NFT startups seeking to engage with their core business. To be more specific, selectively rigorous review by a team of evaluation experts will ensure the quality of INO and IDO launch projects on ByteNext Launchpad.
  2. ByteNext launchpad focuses on NFT projects including physical & digital art, Social NFTs in order to minimize risks for investors, as SocialFi is an emerging trend that brings together the principles of social media and decentralized finance.

ByteNext Launchpad’s Features: Introducing ByteNext Medal & ByteNext Point (BNP)

ByteNext Medal

Like entrance tickets, ByteNext Medal is a brand-new feature we bring to classify members for ByteNext launchpad. The users can utilize three different kinds of NFTs namely BNU Silver Medal (S), Gold Medal (G) and Diamond Medal (D) as tickets.

Those owning these above NFTs will have two rights:

  • To burn their NFTs to redeem Whitelist slots:
  • D = 3 slots
  • G = 2 slots
  • S = 1 slot
  • To hold their NFTs and stake their BNU to increase their ByteNext Points (BNP).

There are 3 ways to get a ByteNext Medal:

  • Purchase it on
  • Get ByteNext Medal through Airdrop & Giveaway
  • Get ByteNext Medal through partnership with ByteNext

ByteNext Point (BNP)

In ByteNext Launchpad, users participating in launchpad can start staking ByteNext Point (BNP) to receive the following rewards:

  • When Staking BNU, users can accumulate BNP. The BNP score ranking will find out the top User with the highest points to participate in the future IDO and INO priority queues with future qualified projects.
  • When Staking BNU, the users will receive BNU interest with %APY levels calculated according to the date packages they select.
  • In addition, when a user accumulates points to the highest score and Level, he/she will properly get many incentives later.

Users participate in Staking by staking BNU into the Pools: 7 days, 15 days, 30 days, 60 days. With different %APY levels and corresponding pool, the users will receive BNP score, which helps user rank in leaderboard.

For those who own the ByteNext Medals, they can stake their Medals to increase the percentage of receiving BNP points; the Medal will be locked or opened simultaneously with the chosen pool.


ByteNext signifies this as a start point of upcoming things we look to innovate within the launchpad space and beyond in order to develop a stronger ecosystem for all. Part of this is continual development of the Levels system to optimize it and increase access points to projects in advance of their IDOs & INOs.

That’s all for now! Staking will go live ahead of this and we will share with you further details on how it will be implemented in our forthcoming posts.

Find Out More About ByteNext:

ByteNext is a blockchain incubation hub that fosters a network of NFT DAOs, connected through an ecosystem that provides Openness, Sustainability, Immersion.


Our ecosystem consists of AvatarArt | NFT Metaverse Marketplace, DEX, Launchpad that supports both INO and IGO & futuristic features like Extended Reality Metaverse, enabling creators, hobbyists, collectors and investors to Defi every single activity or creation they can imagine of.

Find more information about ByteNext:




If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or ideas about the project, please email [email protected]

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