Avalanche Weekly Recap | July 4th- July 10th, 2022

This Avalanche weekly recap is for informative purposes only and not investment advice. Let’s have a look at the new updates this week.

Network Growth

Daily Transactions

Average Daily Transactions July 4th- July 10th on the Avalanche C-chain reach 199,346 transactions. Down 15.6% since last week (236,212). The number reached 215,336 at the peak of the data on July 8th. And the lowest was on July 9th, with 159,807 transactions.

Unique Addresses

The Cumulative Unique Addresses index is currently at 3,083,439 addresses. Last week, there were 3,059,378 addresses, indicating a 24,061  addresses rise. Which is -4.9% more than what it was last week (25,303). The daily increase rate remains at 3,437 addresses.

Active addresses

During July 4th- July 10th there is an average of 44,349 active addresses. Down from 44,374 last week (-0.05%). July 4th is the day with the most active addresses (48,391 addresses). While the lowest index day of the week is July 9th with 38,993 addresses.

Total Value Locked

The Total Value Locked in 7-days has decreased 8.34%, from $5.15 billion to $4.72 billion. Avalanche is still in third place in the top 5 ecosystems. Stats continuously decrease due to the low level of participation in Defi in this bear market.

Top 10 Price Performance last 7D in Ecosystem

Highlight Events

Intain backed by JAM FINTOP, Avalanche fund Blizzard for blockchain securitization

Blockchain startup Intain announced a funding round from Blizzard, a venture fund that supports the Avalanche public blockchain, and JAM FINTOP Blockchain, a fund associated with community banks.

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Security Token Market Launches First-of-its-kind Tokenized Crowdfund on Avalanche Blockchain

The First-of-its-kind Web3-enabled public crowdfund on the Avalanche Blockchain opens on July 6th; launch event to follow at Miami’s loanDepot Park.

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The Avax Machina Live NFT Gallery is coming to AvalancheHouse

Froyd ART will be debuting an exclusive 1-of-1 NFT at the event, get your tickets now to see it live in person!

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Avalanche Bridge Wallets Address Update

The Avalanche Bridge nodes perform periodic key rollovers as a routine proactive security measure, including whenever new nodes are added or removed. Today, we are performing a periodic key rollover to bring our Ethereum bridge up to parity with our Bitcoin bridge.

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DeFi Lego


Trader Joe introduced Liquidity Book

A novel protocol for structuring liquidity that will pave the way for a new generation of AMMs. Concentrated & Composable Liquidity on Avalanche.

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Pangolin V2 is out of beta

After months of work, our team has migrated V2 to our main site with:

  • Speed & Mobile Improvements
  • Portfolio & Watchlist Functionality
  • In-App News
  • Limit Orders
  • Pair Charts

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O3 Labs’s integration with Avalanche

O3 Swap V2 is going to officially launch the Avalanche Network starting from July 7th at 4 AM UTC. Meanwhile, the liquidity mining of LP-WAVAX, LP-WETH.e, LP-WBTC.e, LP-USDC, LP-DAI.e, LP-O3, LP-ROOBEE on Avalanche will also start for celebrating the integration. From 7th, you can swap assets between Avalanche and any ecosystem on O3 Interchange to experience the seamless cross-chain.

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Degis Treasury Box Announcement

On July 13, Treasury Box will live on Degis!

If you were a participant of Degis Testnet in December 2021, you may recall that we had a lucky box, where users can buy tickets and join the lucky draw to win rewards. Now we’re excited to announce that it’s back with a brand new name — Treasury Box!

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OpenBlox Integration Brings Multi-Game Experience to Avalanche

The Avalanche ecosystem is getting ready for an exciting journey into the digital world thanks to its integration with OpenBlox. The launch of this digital gaming world on Avalanche could happen by the end of Q2, along with the well-anticipated launch of its fitness game RunBlox. OpenBlox has also shared a jam-packed roadmap with many such exciting games and products.

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Imperium Empires Apollo Web Game is live

Apollo’s gameplay is independent of our PC/Mac alpha main game build. Apollo serves 2 purposes:

  • Let our NFT owners PLAY & EARN rewards even WITHOUT A GAMING PC;
  • Test our game economics to ENSURE LONG TERM SUSTAINABILITY.

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Joepegs’s new features: Rarity and Collection Sorting

Rarity: One of our most requested features, users can now:

  • Rank collections from Rare to Common
  • Check rarity of individual attributes

Currently only verified collections have this feature enabled, however the scope will be expanded shortly.

Collection Sorting: You can now sort Collection ranking by:

  • 1, 7, 30 Day and All Time – Highest Sales (quantity of units)
  • Highest Volume (in $AVAX)

This applies to ALL collections on Joepegs, not just verified collections.

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