Interview: MetaGear – What Will A Notable Blockchain Game’s Develop Team Do In The Bear Market?

MetaGear Team Interview

MetaGear is a game that shows creativity in assembling robots to fight. This game is a strategic collaboration between OnePad and OneSoft. While the former is backed by FPT Corporation, one of Asia’s technology behemoths, the latter is a Southeast Asian top-two game developer.

CoinCu News recently had the opportunity to speak with MetaGear team to know what they are going to do in the current bear market.

Can you give us a brief description of your company’s activities, values, and mission?

Activities: MetaGear focuses on game quality, enhancing users’ experience, and bringing real value to the community.

Values: being a gameFi, MetaGear is a blockchain game that offers economic incentives to players. Typically, players can earn $GEAR and NFT rewards by battling in a fight, and progressing through the different game levels. A unique point of MetaGear is the entertainment that the dev team wants to bring to the users. Players can both enjoy the game and earn from the game when coming to MetaGear.

Mission: MetaGear’s initial expectation is that the game will attract the highest number of users, enhance its reputation not only in the region but also around the world, and take the top spot among the best gameFi projects. All of this can be attributed to the development team’s efforts to improve the game’s quality. MetaGear’s more ambitious objective is to bring the gameFi industry to the next level of sustainable development in the future.”

About the recent market condition, do you think what signal might dispel pessimism in the market, following a string of disasters?

The ‘bear market’ has not only already appeared in the crypto market but also in every other financial market, which experiences upward trends, downtrends, bubbles, and even collapse, but after each unstable period, the investors will become more experienced.

Up to now, the market has entered a downtrend cycle for 8 months, all onchain data shows that the market is in an accumulation phase and is a good time to invest. This phase can last for another 6 months or 1 year, but in the long term it will definitely grow, as evidenced by the growth of BTC over the past 11 years, it is important that you stay with the market in the long run, how long and persistent enough to get through a growth cycle or not.

War, epidemics, supply chain disruptions, food crises, rising inflation, Fed rate hikes… all show that the global economic picture is still very negative for the crypto market in particular. If there is short-term growth, it’s just price manipulation by market makers to suck money from new investors and long/short traders.

Only when the global economy shows signs of recovery (the war ends, the Fed cuts interest rates, and inflation decreases) will that be a reliable signal for a new growth cycle.

In the global economic and technological transformation, how far do you believe the crypto industry will progress?

We put all our belief in the development in the crypto industry that will go faster and further.

Can you share with us how your project and your team formed?

MetaGear is a strategic product of OneSoft and OnePad. MetaGear is a strategic product of OneSoft and OnePad. While Onesoft is a 10-year-experienced company in developing mobile apps, OnePad, powered by FPT Adtrue, is a unified system that provides full-stack solutions to blockchain projects.

What is the outstanding feature of your project compared to others?

– Strong backers to help us improve the project quality

. Advisor: Mr. Peter Vesterbacka, co-founder of Rovio Company, “father” of Angry Birds; Mr. Yida Gao: Venture Capitalist, Shima Capital; Mr. Hoang Nam Tien, Mr. Tran Dang Hoa, and Mr. Tran Hoang Giang – senior executives from FPT, one of the leading technology corporations in Asia.

. Backers: Shima Capital, Bullperks, SMO Capital, Maven Capital, Krystal Go, Redhat, KOI Capital, Starpunk, HC Labs, TK Ventures…

– Committed dev team: MetaGear always follows the roadmap, even complete before the given time. Besides, we always listen to the community so that we have strong support from them.

– Experienced staff: All of our staff are KYCed on our official website, all experts in technology, business and marketing.

– Game quality: We realized that most of the projects only focus on market FOMO, Investors’ interests, not on the fact that they need to improve the product value and users’ experience. This makes MetaGear competitive when compared to others. MetaGear always focuses on the game quality and users’ experience.

– Abundant financial resources: With our strong backers and advisors, we receive abundant financial resources to run our business model in game. This is used to run marketing campaigns to constantly keep our users’ engagement

– Responsive communication: We have a team to manage our community on all social channels. Especially, we have an out outsource team of 30 personnel from different countries who are in charge of supervising all activities of users and supporting them 24/7. All of our users’ feedback are promptly reported and handled to ensure their experience in game.”

What are the challenges in your project’s development up to now?

1st, born amongst many other GameFi projects, MetaGear has to try to stand as a top play-to-earn game project. It’s hard when many are good quality and already have their own position in this gamefi industry.

2nd, since MetaGear was listed, we have experienced up-and-down market trend, which brings about the number of users not as many as we expect. Especially, when many gameFi projects have been collapsed due to this downtrend market, MetaGear is partly affected by the infame as a gameFi project in general. But we believe that the market plays the role of sorting out the game quality. As long as MetaGear survives till the last, it proves our quality. And this definitely becomes true as our team works all day and night to stand by the project.

What is the project’s vision in the enormous blockchain space?

With our further vision, we believe in the development of the Metaverse. MetaGear will be the first blockchain strategic product for the Metaverse Ad Network Ecosystem.

Do you think the crypto winter will come soon? If yes, what will your project do?

The crypto winter has already come, we’re in the middle of this period. However, our project still focuses on our product quality to prepare for the next stage. Regarding the marketing strategy, due to the market situation right now, we don’t push marketing as much as we did, but we still have an intention to cover the image of our project on the map of crypto all over the world by running ad campaigns on Google, Facebook and Twitter and shilling our news on all social channels of our partners including VCs, crypto Exchange, KOLs….

Do you think this crypto winter will differ from previous winters? Why or why not?

The definition of ‘crypto winter’ varies from person to person. This downtrend only takes place for 8 months while ‘crypto winter’ is known to last for at least a year. However, this downtrend is more severe than the 2018-2020 winter when the fear index constantly reached an all-time low. Besides, compared to the previous time, crypto and the stock market have shared the similar trend instead of going their own way.

In your opinion, what should crypto investors and project builders do in the current gloomy market situation?

In this gloomy market situation, crypto investors had better be calm and wait for the market to revive. I’m sure that all the experienced crypto investors understand the cycle of upward trends, downtrends, bubbles, and even collapse, so they will view this current situation as just a part of crypto market development. From my perspective, this time is suitable for project builders to prioritize product quality instead of pushing marketing. When the market has some signs of recovery, with the project quality, they will be ready for attracting new users and definitely receive their support.

What role will your project play in the upcoming development of the cryptocurrency market?

We strongly believe in the blooming of cryptocurrency market in which gameFi plays a significant role. As a gameFi, our project – MetaGear will bring the gameFi industry in particular and cryptocurrency in general to the next level of sustainable development.

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