Near Weekly Recap | Jul 25th – 31st, 2022

This Near Weekly Recap is provided solely for informational purposes and does not constitute investment advice. Near Protocol is preparing for the NEARCON event to take place in September. This is one of the biggest events in the ecosystem. Sweatcoin successfully ended the capital call with more than $13M. Projects on the ecosystem seem to focus on expanding partnerships in this Bearish period. Let’s look at some critical news in the ecosystem last week.


Total Value Lock

The total Value Locked on the ecosystem decreased slightly in the past week. Specifically, the current TVL is $585,36M, a decrease of approximately 1.44%. In particular, TVL on Near increased from $362.85M to $371.65M. However, TVL on Aurora continued to decrease.


Fireblocks Provides Custody Facility for Institutional Investors NEAR

NEAR Foundation partners with Fireblocks, a leading custody and settlement solutions provider for digital assets. Fireblocks is trusted by more than 1,300 banks, hedge funds, and financial institutions and to date, has ensured the safe transfer of more than $3 trillion.

The integration will allow institutional users to now access the NEAR Protocol’s fast and low-cost sharded proof-of-stake blockchain safely and securely.

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NEARCON Beta open ticket

NEARCON Beta aims to create a welcoming, collaborative atmosphere for Web3 natives and novices. As the NEAR community celebrates its second anniversary since its mainnet launch, the NEAR Foundation aims to showcase all how the ecosystem is flourishing and provide a framework for how Web3 will continue to shape our shared, decentralized future.

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Layer 2

Bizverse is in partnership with Aurora

Bizverse World is a Metaverse for business built on a real-based location 3D map of the natural world to develop the digital economy and society, according to the “Digital Twin” and “Meta-Economy” models.

Bizverse cooperates with Aurora to take advantage of the Aurora network to implement the upcoming projects of the project.

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Bastion Introduced Underlying Swap Router and Zaps

Bastion released the Underlying Swap Router feature, enabling users to swap and provide liquidity using underlying tokens (e.g., USDC and USDT). Bastion’s Stableswap pools differ from traditional pools in that they are auto compounding and yield-generating, utilizing cTokens and stacking lending pool liquidity.

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Arctic and Aurigami have struck a partnership.

Arctic is the Next-generation Eco-DEX on Aurora. Both parties will conduct a TokenSwap to kickstart their collaboration.

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Burrow introduces Net Liquidity Farming Part 2

Burrow introduces a varied coefficient system where different assets now weigh differently in terms of rewards calculation. This is to ensure that the rewards for suppliers match the demand: the more in demand your assets are to borrowers, the more you will be rewarded as a supplier, and vice versa.

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Yield Aggregator

Meta Yield Fundraising Campaign with Cheddar Farm

In a fundraising campaign with Cheddar Farm, up to 1.5m $CHEDDAR is available to supporters. These tokens will be given proportionally to the number of $stNEAR you give and get larger as the campaign progresses. For example, the users that give the first 10,000 $stNEAR will be receiving 7.62 CHEDDAR per $stNEAR that they give

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Sweatcoin has successfully closed a $13M investment round

Sweatcoin has completed $13M in funding, including a private token sale, to accelerate their move into Web3. A number of leading blockchain investors joined, including Electric Capital, Spartan Capital, OKX Blockdream Ventures, Swissborg Ventures, and GSR Ventures.

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SeatlabNFT launches a £1 million creator fund for the live events industry.

SeatlabNFT has launched a series of non-repayable grants worth £1 million to help event organizers with the financial burden of running live events.

The SeatlabNFT Event Creator Fund is aimed at organizers and artists worldwide and encourages a wide range of events to get involved in the scheme.

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Web3monGame: is the first NFT Multiverse game. We will be dedicated to providing utilities to NFT and making NEAR an NFT hub.

Few and FARNFT Marketplace: Next-Gen NFT Marketplace.

Open Forest ProtocolSocial: an open platform based on a public blockchain to transparently measure, verify and fund forestation projects.


Above is the important information in the past week of the Near ecosystem. The on-chain indicators have not changed too much. Projects on the ecosystem continue to grow.

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or ideas about the project, please email [email protected].

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