What is Animoca Brands? | Animoca Brands Investment Fund Overview

Animoca Brands is an investment fund specializing in NFT, Gaming, and Metaverse. The article analyzes the investment style and portfolio of Animoca Brands.

Around May – June 2021, with the context of the epidemic making many people unemployed, the Play to Earn trend was born, but not only the games that help the community earn more income, but another name is also popular with many people. known, it’s Animoca Brands investment fund.

This article helps you to know more about Animoca Brands, as well as its portfolio.

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Animoca Brands Overview

Animoca Brands is an investment fund specializing in NFT, Gaming, and Metaverse. The fund’s head office is in Hong Kong but still has many subsidiaries and offices in other countries such as the United States, Finland, Korea, Canada, Argentina, Germany, Australia, etc. In addition to investing, Animoca Brands also has its own projects, one of which is The Sandbox, a big name in the Metaverse trend.

Although born around 2014, Animoca Brands was only known at the peak of the epidemic, causing the world economy to collapse. In addition, the subsequent Metaverse trend also helped the fund’s name fly high because it had invested in trending projects.

Animoca Brands’ team

Yat Siu is the Co-founder of Animoca Brands:

  • Young Entrepreneur at DHL/SCMP Hong Kong Business Awards 2009.
  • Founded Cybercity, Asia’s first free web and e-mail provider.

Evan Auyang is Group President of Animoca Brands:

  • Formerly the CEO and Director of GLG International, its specialized technical support, operating, and business development platform spans Europe, the Middle East, Africa & Asia Pacific Positive.
  • Advisor of Our HongKong Foundation.

Highlight Events

Animoca Brands Raises Additional $75M

The infusion is the second tranche of January’s funding round, which nabbed almost $360 million and valued the investment company at $5.5 billion.

Animoca Brands Acquires Most of Educational Tech Company TinyTap for $38.9M

Gaming investment firm Animoca Brands has acquired more than 80% of TinyTap, an educational content technology company, for $38.88 million in cash and shares

Animoca Brands’ Investment Portfolio Now Worth Over $1.5B

Hong Kong-based investor in non-fungible token (NFT) and metaverse projects Animoca Brands’ portfolio investments totaled over $1.5 billion across more than 340 investments at the end of April, according to unaudited results released by the firm Monday.

Portfolio of Animoca Brands

One can see that Animoca Brands’ portfolio is quite diversified. They invest in many areas in the blockchain field such as: Metaverse, Blockchain Gaming, Marketplace, Infrastructure, DeFi, NFT, etc. But in which Gaming, NFT, Metaverse are the areas that they care about and focus on the most and not. much focus on the ecosystem because few projects are in Defi form but in NFT form. However, if I had to find out which ecosystem these projects are located in the most, it would be Solana and BNB Chain. Because these are two chains with extremely cheap transaction fees, suitable for building games. These are also very HOT segments of the Crypto market today.

They participate in investing in projects very early, usually right from the Seed and Series A rounds. This is proof that Animoca Brands has strong financial potential as well as their vision and beliefs about the projects. projects that they choose to invest in in particular and the future development of the Crypto market in general. It can be said that Animoca Brands in 2021 so far has no other goals than NFT and NFT applications in general. They invest in DeFi very little, and among them there are also some Gaming-oriented projects.

Spotlight Projects

As mentioned above, Animoca Brands’ portfolio is heavily focused on NFT, Gaming, Metaverse projects. Notable projects include:

The Sandbox

Sandbox is a decentralized virtual reality (Metaverse) platform developed on the Ethereum. Sandbox allows players to create digital assets (NFTs), and experience and monetize the content they create. In addition, players can enjoy secure copyright ownership with the ability to earn cryptocurrency (SAND). Ownership of this copyright will be established and secured through the use of the NFT Token, where every item in the game will have an identifier on the Ethereum blockchain.

  • The Sandbox: The Metaverse project has been around for a long time, with great growth in 2021. The Sandbox has two rounds of funding:
    • Strategic (August 2020): Investor unknown
    • Series B (11/2021): Softbank, Animoca Brands,…

Axie Infinity & Sky Mavis

Axie Infinity is a Blockchain game (NFT Gaming) built on Loom Network. In the game, players will collect and nurture imaginary creatures called Axies. Similar to when playing Pokémon GO, you can do quests to collect Axies, team up to fight, buy & sell Axies with other players. In addition, the game is designed according to the “Play To Earn” model – Play to earn money, ie players can earn AXS tokens through skilled gameplay and contribution to the ecosystem.

Axie Infinity & Sky Mavis: Axie Infinity is the game that started the Play to Earn movement , helping many people earn money during the epidemic season. And the development team behind Axie Infinity is the company Sky Mavis. Sky Mavis has two rounds of funding:

  • Series A (5/2021): Animoca Brands, CoinGecko, Hashed,…
  • Series B (10/2021): a16z, FTX, Paradigm,…

Yield Guild Game

Yield Guild Games is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) that invests in NFTs used in virtual worlds and games on blockchains. The organization’s mission is to create the largest virtual world economy, optimize community-owned assets for maximum utility, and share its profits with YGG token holders. Before coming to the project, Yield Guild Game built the community first. Up to 90% of members are new to Crypto, trending through Play to Earn recently joined this market. Members are mainly from the Philippines, Indonesia, India, Venezuela, Brazil…

Yield Guild Game: Yield Guild Game is the first guild in the Gaming segment, and is also the largest guild currently. Yield Guild Game has three rounds of funding:

  • Seed (3/2021):  Animoca Brands, Delphi Digital,…
  • Series A (6/2021): Animoca Brands, Parafi, IDEO Colab,…
  • Unknown (8/2021): a16z.

Open Sea

OpenSea is a marketplace similar to eBay, Etsy, and Amazon, except all the listed items are unique digital collectibles in the form of NFTs that users can buy, sell and mint. The platform is a decentralized, peer-to-peer exchange that enables users to transact with one another directly in a trustless manner.

OpenSea: The largest NFT exchange currently, with a daily trading volume of several hundred million dollars. OpenSea has four rounds of funding:

  • Seed (11/2019): Animoca Brands,…
  • Series A (3/2021): Mark Cuban, a16z,…
  • Series B (7/2021): a16z,…
  • Series C (1/2022): Paradigm,…


Animoca Brands is one of the famous investment funds in the world with large investments, focusing on quality projects, with long-term growth potential. Not only has sufficient financial potential, but the Fund also owns a team of professional and experienced staff to make methodical investment plans, accurately assess market trends, and highly accurate project appraisal capabilities. . Besides, Animoca Brands also gives projects the best support in the process of product completion.

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or ideas about the project, please email [email protected].

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