New BTC Whale Bought $3 Billion Of Bitcoin In Just 2 Weeks

During crypto winter, a new BTC whale has emerged in the crypto ecosystem. In total, this whale bought $3 billion worth of Bitcoins.

BTC Whales Appear During Crypto Winter

This new whale, which has yet to be identified by the crypto community, appeared in July. This whale’s first purchases were made on July 15, 2022.

In fact, it only took three days for this mysterious whale to make all the purchases: 15,499 BTC, worth $345.9 million, on July 19.

Since then, the purchases have become more substantial: on July 20, the whale made another purchase worth 45,499 BTC. This amount equates to $1,060 million at the time of purchase.

Finally, on July 21, this whale fortified his wallet by amassing 71,879 BTC worth $1.64 billion, according to data compiled by BitInfoCharts.

With these purchases made in a row, this new whale has been pushed to third place on the list of wallets with the most BTC available on BitInfoCharts. Currently, this new whale owns 0.70% of BTC in circulation.

The overall balance of this wallet is currently 132,878 BTC with a current value of $3.01 billion.

Currently, the identity of this new player in the Bitcoin and crypto markets remains unknown, without any clues as to the nature of the buyer.

Whether it is an entity or an individual, this whale has certainly contributed to the BTC price increase over the past week. In the midst of a bull run, this wallet can certainly reap high returns.

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