1xBit – Growing Popularity of Crypto Casinos

You might be thinking that there is very little difference between traditional gambling and cryptocurrency gambling. After all, both make use of the same principle where players bet on money (or currency equivalents of money) and win or lose depending on the strategies used. However, you could not be further from the truth! Currency makes all the difference when it comes to playing online at a crypto casino.

Keep reading to find out why using a digital currency at a bitcoin casino makes a difference.

You get to main anonymity with bitcoin gambling

When most people think of a casino, they think of a traditional casino in Las Vegas with fancy slot machines and poker tables. They typically do not envision an online playing room. Such casinos require that you share sensitive personal information such as your name, age, ID documents, banking information, and sometimes your passport depending on where you are playing. If there is some form of identity breach with traditional casino systems, all your money goes down the drain. You may think that such events are incredibly rare, but you would be surprised to learn the truth about data theft and how common it is.

With a crypto casino, you are using a currency that operates on a fully decentralized blockchain value. Platforms such as 1xBit make use of crypto in gambling because players want to remain anonymous during transactions so that any third party is not able to keep track of their activities. When you are playing at a bitcoin casino, all you have to do is transfer a set amount to the casino’s BTC address and begin playing! The value is transferred from one node to another until it reaches the casino’s system while you play. No one in the casino will know who you are, how old you are, and where you are playing from. 1xBit offers a 100% anonymous experience while playing!

Embracing technology and giving greater control to players

Crypto gambling is all about steering about from traditional casinos and centralized banking systems. You no longer have to rely on financial institutions that overcharge you for storing your money. By using the blockchain network, you are in greater control because you are free to deposit and withdraw money whenever you want and wherever you want, without anyone in the world finding out. It helps players maintain. Plus, technological solutions (such untraceable currency as BTC) are fad. It is a relatively newer kind of currency with benefits of its own, so it is no wonder that both high-stake and low-stake gamblers are interested in testing the waters with it!

Players get to enjoy bonuses

Online bitcoin sports such as betting and gambling are all about stacking your pile of coins with more of this cryptocurrency. The most well-respected players are individuals who win the most rounds and have the largest stash. It is no surprise that lives casinos are incredibly popular, similar to what 1xBit offers. These games involve dealers and players who interact in a live but remote setting. The winner gets it all, and the loser takes the fall, which is the key principle in gambling. However, to attract more players, platforms offer bonuses such as re-deposit bonuses, free spins, multi-deposit bonuses, and many others. The other bright feature is the Welcome Bonus. At 1xBit its sum can reach up to 7 BTC for the first four deposits made.

Maximum security and peace of mind

The problem with traditional gambling is that you are not free to do as you please. If you are a high-stakes gambler and make massive wins, then you are bound to attract the attention of others around you. Depending on how this activity has implications on the domestic economy, the government may be interested in placing limits to regulate gambling. In such cases, going to casinos is no longer enjoyable because the arm of the law is tightly fastened around your neck. No one wants to play poker or indulge in other casino games when the “big brother” is constantly looking over your shoulder!

With bitcoin and online crypto casinos such as 1xBit, you will have peace of mind that no authoritative figure is keeping track of your wins. You are not answerable to anyone for your pile of bitcoin, no matter how big or small it is. Plus, with no identifiable information that holds you, it is impossible to trace you down. 1xBit offers 100% safety and security during play.


Gambling at a casino downtown is fun.

But playing at an online cryptocurrency casino like 1xBit is even better! With the anonymity, safety, and bonuses that come with blockchain technology, it is no surprise that crypto casinos have grown to become incredibly popular.

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