Nexo Launches New Trading Platform 50% Off Standard Fees

Cryptocurrency lender Nexo has launched a spot, margin and futures trading platform for retail clients with the launch of Nexo Pro.

According to a statement from the company, the London-based cryptocurrency platform seeks to give retail customers access to aggregated liquidity of institutional quality without requiring any minimum funding.

According to the announcement, the product has been made available to the 5 million Nexo customers at up to a 50% savings on standard fees.

One of the few businesses bucking the trend of declining investment in the global cryptocurrency market is Nexo. According to its creator Antoni Trenchev, it is not just employing personnel but also in talks to acquire ailing cryptocurrency exchange Vauld.

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According to the announcement, Nexo will roll out more token utilities in the upcoming weeks, enabling holders of NEXO tokens to pay for services with $NEXO and lower trading costs.

In collaboration with Mastercard and DiPocket, Nexo earlier this year introduced the Nexo Card, a credit card backed by cryptocurrency.

Additionally, the company launched Nexo Prime, an institutional-grade trading and custody platform, and invested through Nexo Ventures in over 50 early-stage Web 3.0 businesses.

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