Jack Dorsey Bitcoin Academy Airdrop $1000 To Attendees

The Bitcoin Academy, a training school created by Jack Dorsey and Jay Z (Shawn Carter), has completed its initial run. The project came to an end after 12 weeks by airdropping $1000 in Bitcoin to every participant who chose to accept a grant.
Jack Dorsey Bitcoin Academy Airdrop $1000 To Attendees
Jack Dorsey (left) and Jay Z

According to Business Insider, both Jack Dorsey and Jay-Z personally funded the entire initiative, including the last airdrop. Over 350 Marcy residents attended the program, according to an email from Jay’s mother, even though it’s unclear how many individuals actually received the airdrop.

“Marcy residents showed up. What also matters is providing the necessary resources such as dinner, childcare, devices, internet access, dedicated staff, and instructors so that as many people as possible could participate in person and online,” she said.

Jack Dorsey Bitcoin Academy Airdrop $1000 To Attendees

Early in June, at the Marcy Houses, New York—where Jay Z grew up—residents were to receive Bitcoin knowledge and tools through an on-site program called The Bitcoin Academy. From June 22 through September 7, it took place.

At the time, the event’s organizers were open about how participants would receive free cellphones, MiFi devices, and one-year data subscriptions. Some people chose to participate due to other advantages, such as the program’s free childcare. But the gift of Bitcoin was a last-minute surprise.

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