Cross-chain DApp DOT Staking Model Achieves Polkadot’s North America Hackathon 2022

The DApp DOT with the staking model of “XCM DOT Autostake” has gotten the prize in the Polkadot’s North American Hackathon on Sunday.

The DApp DOT new staking model aims to make the current process easier for all users. In this DApp introduction, uses could stake DOT from nay Defichain to the DeFi hub Acala of Polkadot. So, this project supports users from managing their digital assets manually when staking on parachain.

Cross-chain DApp DOT
Cross-chain DApp DOT staking model on Polkadot

These advantages of this project:

  • Easy friendly interfere UI that supports users’ auto-staking DOT process.
  • Users also facilitated staking LDOT back to DOT.
  • Digital assets are widely transferred from parachain to relay chain by passing messages upward or downward on the Polkadot ecosystem.
  • The Project is based on Cross Consensus Messaging Format (XCM)
  • A simple UI walks the user through the process of autostaking DOT from any parachain onto Acala for LDOT.
  • Unstaking LDOT Back to DOT is also facilitated.
  • The UI also provides the user with the ability to transfer a wide selection of assets between Parachains and Relay Chains on the Polkadot Ecosystem. The project makes extensive use of the Cross Consensus Messaging Format (XCM).

Polkadot’s North America hackathon has announced 18 winners among 1.137 contestant on their official Twitter. This event is held globally to empower many blockchain project owners for their innovations. Readers can follow all the team winner projects here.

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