Metaverse Firm Hadean Raised $30M In Series A Round

With the back of Fornite – creator of Epic Games – Metaverse Firm Hadean has raised $30 million. Other groups in this funding include Aster Capital, Entrepreneur First, 2050 Capital, Alumni Ventures, and InQTel. The Series A funding round was led by Molten Venture.

Hadean is a London-based firm that was established in 2015. Funding will be used to build metaverse-based infrastructure by the use of computational power.

“Today’s virtual worlds are a limited experience – small scale, siloed, and insecure. Hence why these are the technical challenges we’re tackling today.”  Said Craig Beddis – CEO Hadean

Beddis believes in the world of Metaverse where the creators can visualize their visions and works into reality. To enable this dream of creating powerful tools for creators, the Metaverse Firm Hadean applies 3D Epic’s Unreal Engine – which is well-known as the Fornite Game.

In 2019, the Metaverse Firm Hadean have partnered with CCP Games – a video creator platform with the name EVE Online. This achievement marked the successful development of Hadean when it attracted up to 14.000 gamers playing together.

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Hadean is not a new firm in the blockchain-based gaming industry. This firm has fulfilled its advantages with key elements in the world of the Metaverse. Hence, the funding from this round empowers this company’s capacity to become the leading creator’s tools platform.

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