Transit Swap Hacker Moved 2,612 BNB To Mixer

Transit Swap has recovered 70% of the stolen funds yesterday, the DEX is still working to recover the rest. However, according to recent reports, the hacker transferred 2,612 BNB to the mixer.

As mentioned in the previous Coincu News article, thanks to the quick reporting from several blockchain security companies Peckshield, SlowMist, Bitrace and TokenPocket helped facilitate the decentralized aggregation exchange (DEX) Transit Swap recovers about 70% of the $21 million mined.

They quickly worked on finding out the attacker’s IP address, email address, and chain address, which resulted in the hacker returning 70% of the stolen assets to two addresses.

However, according to a recent report by security company Peckshield, 2,612BNB has been hacked and is being transferred to the mixer by hackers.

A special thing when burying the amount of money that the hacker has left a message with. The hacker seems to feel the remaining 30% of the money he deserves through his confident message.

“I don’t believe you because you are not sincere. I only mine ETH and BSC chains. If I attack other chains like FTM, TRON, POLYGON, I believe I can get $100 million. With that refer to the past events of Nomad and Wintermute, I will get a higher bounty than what I get now. It’s hard not to suspect that this is your official backdoor and you should be glad the exploit was done by me and no one else.”

The hacker’s actions are said to be displeased with the last 30% retracement of the stolen funds in the platform’s latest status update.

At present, the security companies and project teams of all parties are still continuing to track the hacking incident and communicate with the hacker through email and on-chain methods. The team will continue to work hard to recover more assets,” it said.

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