New Shiba Inu Whale Was Born, Holding 3.3 Trillion Coins

Amazing amounts of Shiba Inu meme coin have been exchanged during the last 12 hours, according to data released by Etherscan. This sum of cryptocurrency is roughly equivalent to $2 million.

However, a staggering sum of more than 3.3 trillion SHIB was moved in a single transaction about two hours ago. It had a $33 million value.

There is a massive Shiba Inu transfer

Whale Alert has reported that roughly two hours ago, a total of 3,363,854,488,205 meme coins was transferred. Etherscan does not provide details regarding the amount of SHIB held by the sender’s or receiver’s wallet.

However, early this month, a comparable quantity of SHIB was transferred to a wallet that was entirely empty, which led the neighborhood to think that a new SHIB whale had surfaced.

This enormous amount of Shiba Inu is worth a total of $33,839,927.

56 billion moved from Coinbase out of 150 billion sold

Etherscan reports that about 10 hours ago, an unidentified whale moved 150,000,000,000 SHIB valued at $1,501,500. Meme coins worth this amount were sent to the exchange, presumably for sale.

56,555,415,436 SHIB, a substantial quantity of these meme tokens, were taken out of Coinbase, the biggest U.S.-based cryptocurrency exchange. Whales have started to act, with some purchasing on price dips and others selling out of concern that the price may fall now that SHIB has added another zero to its price following a recent decline.

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