Skyrex Has Eliminated The Threat Of Attack

On Twitter, Skyrex admitted there was an attack, the intruder sent a trading order to an account with the AXS pair.
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After a Twitter account named Carlos claimed his Binance account was hacked and lost $1.5M, the Binance team immediately clarified the matter.

On November 14, Binance CEO said that the cause of the incident was related to the leak of a third-party API key, Skyrex.

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Carlos confirmed the unrecognized orders were due to his API key leakage. He only has one active API key and it was used on Skyrex, a crypto trading bot platform. We will try to disable all API keys that was used by Skyrex, figuring out how to identify them now.

Changpeng Zhao, CEO of Binance, said

Soon after, Skyrex had an announcement to fully explain the attack. They admitted there was an attack that affected Carlos’s account. Threats from this attack were promptly removed. The platform also recommends users to revoke and issue new API keys for safety. 

Regarding Carlos, they said he lost only 5% of the trading amount he had during the attack and will be compensated once the security of the system is restored.

Binance’s processing shows the strength of the largest exchange in the market. This further strengthens the position of Binance, after the collapse of the FTX empire.

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