Sports Betting Exchange BetDEX Live On Mainnet

Solana-based decentralized sports betting exchange BetDEX announced it’s live on mainnet.
Decentralized Sports Betting Exchange BetDEX Live On Mainnet

The exchange enables users to place crypto wagers on a range of sporting events.

On the DEX, there are specific World Cup Futures markets where BETWC can be wagered. Winnings from wagered BETWC can be redeemed for USDT in a 1:1 ratio.

The airdrop of BETWC to eligible Solana wallet addresses was previously announced by the exchange.

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BetDEX is the decentralized sports betting protocol. The DEX delivers high speeds and low transaction costs while eliminating counterparty risk. It is a permissionless protocol allowing anyone to build their own applications on top.

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