Argentina’s Crypto Exchange Ripio Expands To US

The crypto exchange Ripio, founded in Argentina, has announced that it would extend its business into the United States. The business has a license from the Florida Office of Financial Regulation that enables it to provide its full range of services to clients throughout the United States.
Argentina's Crypto Exchange Ripio Expands To US

The Select platform, which focuses on providing cryptocurrency-based solutions to other businesses and institutional investors, is what Ripio chose to debut first. With additional services coming later, this will serve as the company’s national launchpad.

Select services will be made available to businesses and institutional investors by the company, which has more than 4.5 million consumers in Latam.

In a statement offered to Livecoins, Sebastian Serrano, the Ripio co-founder and CEO, declared:

“We are very happy and proud to achieve this goal, as we worked hard to be able to operate in a country like the United States, which is undoubtedly one of the dreams and achievements of any entrepreneur.”

Argentina's Crypto Exchange Ripio Expands To US

A $5,000 minimum investment is needed to use the premium service Ripio Select, which is designed for large-scale cryptocurrency activities.

During this downturn in the crypto market, which has impacted several crypto exchanges, including the FTX empire, Ripio, whose most recent investment round garnered $50 million in September 2021, has managed to survive and even grow.

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