Secret Network Successfully Resolves The Intel Hardware Vulnerability

Secret Network, a distributed ledger technology (DLT) project that provides users with privacy-preserving smart contracts for the development of truly decentralized, permissionless, and private applications, has successfully mitigated a severe vulnerability that, if exploited, could have resulted in the loss of funds and user data.
Secret Network Successfully Resolves The Intel Hardware Vulnerability

According to the organization’s blog post, a group of white hat hackers warned SCRT Labs of an underlying platform gap compromising the privacy of data kept on the Secret Network, and the team took preemptive actions to reduce and remedy the risk.

Secret Labs stated:

“This disclosure was related to the recently disclosed xAPIC architectural bug, an uninitialized memory read in the CPU itself that impacted certain SGX-enabled CPUs. To the best of our knowledge, no malicious actor has exploited this vulnerability in the wild before disclosure and mitigation.”

Secret’s claimed privacy applications may have been hacked owing to an xAPIC or ÆPIC Leak vulnerability in some Intel SGX chips.

Secret Network Successfully Resolves The Intel Hardware Vulnerability

Andrew Miller, a lead researcher of the report and Assistant Professor at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, stated on Twitter:

SCRT Labs said it partnered with researchers and tech giant Intel to install a solution that will make it hard for susceptible workstations to rejoin the network after successfully reducing the vulnerability’s exposure by invalidating the access keys required by nodes to register on the network.

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