Porsche Will Launch 7,500 NFTs Next Year

Following the announcement of an impending NFT initiative consisting of 7,500 configurable tokenized automobiles, German luxury car maker Porsche has indicated that it will greatly increase its Web3 activities.
Porsche Will Launch 7,500 NFTs Next Year

Porsche’s new virtual brand presentation emphasizes the company’s iconic status while transforming the captivating appeal of its sports cars into desirable digital artifacts.

In addition to its January NFT drop, Porsche is also working to integrate blockchain technologies into its existing (and future) processes. Specifically, the company noted that its innovation management teams see promise in moving the purchasing experience and supply chain into Web3. Vehicle and sustainability issues are also being explored.

Patrick Vogel, a designer and 3D artist created the NFT art, which revolves around the legendary Porsche 911 model.

Detlev von Platen, a Member of the Executive Board for Sales and Marketing, said:

“The NFT artworks enable us to take our understanding of modern luxury and the unique brand positioning of Porsche into the digital world.”

Porsche Will Launch 7,500 NFTs Next Year

Prospective consumers will have access to a total of 7,500 unique digital collector’s items beginning in January 2023. As is customary in the Web3 environment, it is feasible to pre-register on an Allowlist. The number of NFTs that may be purchased is restricted to three per individual.

Notably, these virtual objects will be created using Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 5, implying potential gaming integrations are in the works.

Porsche previously collaborated on the release of soccer-themed NFT collectibles in June 2021 as part of a project called Fanzone, but it now appears to be taking the tokenization of its vehicles more seriously.

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