Lens Protocol Acquires The Mobile-First Metaverse Sonar

Web 3.0 social media protocol Lens Protocol has acquired the NFT mobile game Sonar. After the acquisition, Sonar executives will join Aave to develop a Lens-powered social app for mobile users and launch the app in 2023.
Lens Protocol Acquires The Mobile-First Metaverse Sonar

On December 5, Lens Protocol which is known as a permissionless, composable, & decentralized social graph of the DeFi Aave, announced the acquisition of Sonar, a San Francisco-based startup that developed the first social mobile metaverse where players can build worlds and interact with user-created spaces using NFTs.

This combination will help Sonar integrate Lens’ decentralized profile system with its avatars and mojis, to produce a unique identity within its metaverse. However, the terms of the acquisition were not disclosed.

We want to help figure out the right combinations that are approachable and familiar to anyone starting with Sonar.

said Ben South Lee, Senior Vice President of Product and Design at the Aave Companies

According to the statement, Sonar’s co-founders, brothers Ben South Lee and Randolph Lee will join Aave as part of the acquisition to help develop its mobile consumer-facing social products powered by Lens and other Web3 consumer applications launching in 2023. Besides, users can now log in to Sonar games using Lens.

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