Legendary Musical Band Metallica Was Abused Of Fame In Crypto Scams

Metallica, the legendary metal band, issued a warning to fans about crypto giveaway scams just days before the release of their highly anticipated new album, 72 Seasons.
Legendary Musical Band Metallica Was Abused Of Fame In Crypto Scams

The official Twitter band account quickly pointed out the ugly side of social media, urging fans to avoid Metallica Crypto giveaways.

Scammers have begun targeting metalheads via social media impersonation, capitalizing on the buzz surrounding the new album release and upcoming tour. Fans were also encouraged to confine their conversations to verified Metallica accounts, especially when dealing with material that is too wild to be genuine.

While the crypto community is aware of the telltale symptoms of fraud, the message is intended to warn non-crypto and general fans who may be more easily duped by the new hoax.

The Twitter band account also provided a list of official social media channels to ensure that no fans fall victim to the widespread cryptocurrency giveaway scams.

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