Crash on OpenSea accidentally burned 42 NFTs valued at $ 100,000

A bug in the OpenSea NFT marketplace accidentally destroyed at least 42 ERC-721 and ERC-1155-based NFTs valued at more than $ 100,000.

NFT cannot recover

The message was first sent by Nick Johnson by Ethereum Name Service (ENS), a service that enables blockchain addresses to be linked to domain names to make it easier to send transactions to human-readable usernames rather than complex blockchain addresses. The lost ENS was “rilxxlir.eth” which was kept on the ENS account even though it was registered and paid for by Johnson. The problem arose when Johnson tried to leak an ENS name in NFT form and he went straight to an address to burn. This means that the ENS is lost forever and can no longer be moved or accessed.

“Today I accidentally burned rilxxlir.eth, the first registered ENS name that belongs to me and has been registered for the longest time. The name itself was “coined” – chosen because its hash is so low, making it one of the first names to be auctioned in 2017, “Johnson tweeted.

Although Johnson retained control of rilxxlir.eth and was able to set up ENS records, he was never able to restore them.

Still, Johnson seems content to argue that the NFT, while historical, has no practical significance.

“Thanks to that, a bug was discovered that could cause some unique NFTs to be destroyed and it was patched before it could affect others.”

What are the causes?

Johnson went on to detail what happened that led to the condition.

Johnson’s intention was to go to OpenSea to transfer the ENS back to a personal ETH account, but unfortunately the NFT arrived at an address to burn. After contacting OpenSea, Johnson was informed that an error had occurred on his transmission page affecting all transmissions from ERC-721 to ENS names. Johnson was also told that he was the only victim of the bug so far and that the rilxxlir.eth property has now been “burned for eternity”.

Despite OpenSea’s testimony, Johnson revealed that he wasn’t the only victim and that more than 30 transactions were affected by 21 accounts. In around 30 of these transactions, 42 NFTs were permanently lost, most of them according to the ERC-721 standard. After taking the time to compile the statistics, Johnson estimated that approximately $ 100,000 was burned in NFTs and could never be recovered.

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