Jed McCaleb hasn’t sold any XRP since Ripple last transferred tokens

According to XRPscan, Ripple co-founder, now CTO and Stellar founder, Jed McCaleb has not sold any XRP since early September.

Jed McCaleb is suspending sales?

His “Tacostand” wallet still contains 709,911,471,02531 XRP from nine days ago. The last coin transfer from Ripple to McCaleb’s XRP address was on September 1, when the fintech giant unlocked 1 billion XRPs from an escrow account.


The source: XRPScan

At that point, Jed received 174.862.720.000000 XRP, or $ 210 million at the daily rate. According to information from XRPScan, he has not had any transactions from the “tacostand” wallet since that day. Ripple previously sent 182,370,308 XRP to this wallet on August 1st. And by August 16, Jed had sent 86.3 million XRPs for sale on exchanges. From that point on, the “Tacostand” wallet still has 821 million XRP left and he sold 112 million XRP on September 1st. To date, the balance in the wallet remains the same as on the first day in September, around 709,911 million tokens. which at press time is $ 788 million at the XRP price of $ 1.10.


XRP / USD 4H | Source: TradingView

Typically, McCaleb sells XRP every day with infrequent breaks. But he hasn’t sold any coins for nine days.

According to researcher Leonidas Hadjiloizou, the wallet of the Ripple giant who sent XRP to Jed was previously empty, like Bitcoin magazine reported. But as you can see, that’s not true.


The source: Bithomp


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