DOGE and BTC ATMs are coming to HEB supermarkets in Texas

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DOGE and BTC ATMs are coming to the supermarkets of food giant HEB in Texas and more will be installed in the near future. So read more on our latest Dogecoin news today.

Coin cloud from 2000assignment BTC ATMs are coming to the HEB store and many more are being installed. Coin Cloud installs machines that allow users to trade over 30 cryptocurrencies in supermarkets. DOGE and BTC ATMs will be available in Texas supermarkets and 29 of the Coin Cloud machines will be set up in HEB stores, local media reports.

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Crypto ATMs that allow users to buy and sell over 30 different cryptocurrencies such as Doge and BTC will be available for the first time in HEB stores in Houston. The supermarket chain, which has branches across Texas and northern Mexico, caught national attention earlier this year when it provided aid to hurricane-hit Texans in February. Coin Cloud is a Las Vegas crypto ATM company with machines in 47 states in the US and Brazil. 2000sassignment According to the announcement, the device arrived in the HEB store last week. A crypto ATM is a regular ATM, but instead of handing out cash, users can buy and sell BTC and other digital assets.

Coin Cloud ATMs trade BTC, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and some US dollar stablecoins as well as defi tokens. Cryptocurrency ATMs allow new merchants to buy and sell quickly without creating an account, and these machines will also come to the rescue when banks block crypto transactions. Such exchanges used to be anonymous, but they are now regulated in the United States by the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network.

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Some crypto ATMs may offer their users more privacy than an exchange and generally do not collect personally identifiable information when making small purchases. CoinCloud states on its website that it requires standard data about your customers from its ATM users. Coin Cloud Founder and CEO Chris McAample says the machines will remind everyone how cryptocurrencies play in our daily lives:

“As we continue to expand, retailers are becoming increasingly aware of the critical role digital currencies will play in the future and how Coin Cloud’s DCM extension implementation will help them meet future buyer demand from a technological and financial perspective.”

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