Binance Smart Chain daily transactions down 60% in 1 month

The number of daily transactions on Binance Smart Chain is down 60% since peaking in May of 11,383 million. At the time of writing, Binance Smart Chain is currently processing 4.687 million transactions daily.


quantity daily transactions from Binance Smart Chain | Source:

The number of unique addresses on Binance Smart Chain reaches 78 million

Despite the decrease in the number of daily transactions, the number of unique addresses on Binance Smart Chain continues to grow. The network currently hosts more than 78 million different accounts.


quantity unique address of Binance Smart Chain | Source:

Number cBinance Coin (BNB) is up 7% in a month

As the number of daily active addresses on the Binance Smart Chain has decreased since mid-May, the number of Binance Coin whales has increased over the same period.

According to the analysis of the Santiment team, the number of whales with 1,000 BNB or more is now 1,161 compared to 1,086 in mid-May.


Number of whale addresses BNB (purple) and BNB (blue) price | Source: Santiment

Increasing whale numbers could prepare for a trick BNB 16th time

It should be noted that Binance BNB burns quarterly. The last coin branding was carried out in early April and was the 15th, covering the period from January to March.

The 16th BNB Burn will theoretically take place in July and serve between April and June for the second quarter of 2021.

The increased number of BNB whales could be in preparation for the 16th Coin Burn. Because during the last burn, the BNB reached an all-time high of $ 638 in mid-April. The price then continued to peak at $ 691 in mid-May.

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