Proof Collective Launches New Feature To Help Users Explore NFT Artists

Key Points:

  • Proof Collective has launched a new NFT feature allowing users to browse their favorite artists and profiles across the Proof ecosystem.
  • Users of the new NFT feature will be able to discover all the artists in the Proof ecosystem and discover more about their history, residency, and NFT industry expertise.
Users may now explore their favorite artists and profiles across the Proof ecosystem thanks to a new NFT functionality that was just released by Proof Collective, the Web3 organization that created Moonbirds’ non-fungible token collection.
Proof Collective Launches New Feature To Help Users Explore NFT Artists

Thanks to the NFT feature made available by Proof Collective, users may now browse their favorite artists’ and profiles’ profiles throughout the Proof ecosystem.

In a blog post published on February 24, Proof Collective founder Kevin Rose announced the launch of the future NFT artist browsing feature. With the improved capabilities available from the dashboard, users may browse artist profiles.

Proof Collective, an elite, members-only NFT community, was established in December 2021. It is the brainchild of the wildly popular projects Oddities, Grails, Emotes, and Moonbirds, a collection of 10,000 pixelated owl NFTs with a fixed edition.

Proof Collective began as a small podcast and has now grown into a sizable business. More than a thousand creators and collectors from the emerging non-fungible token industry are represented in the collection, but some are yet unidentified.

Users will be able to explore all artists in the Proof ecosystem and find out more about their history, place of residence, and NFT industry expertise thanks to the new NFT functionality.

The greatest way to appreciate an artist and their work, according to Proof Collective, is to learn about their past, how they’ve perfected their trade, and acquire first- and second-hand accounts of their contributions to the space through interesting media.

Proof Collective Launches New Feature To Help Users Explore NFT Artists

Understanding an artist’s background, line of work, and method of artistic development is essential to appreciating them. Users of Web3 will soon be able to find new artists and develop closer ties with them, thanks to the artist profiles at PROOF. They may swiftly hone their abilities, claims Proof, by comprehending an artist’s past. It’s important to hear first- and second-hand stories of one’s space missions via magnetic media in order to fully appreciate an artist and their work.

Proof said they make significant investments in the creation of original material in order to bring their artists’ work to life through video, audio, and in-depth writing. From this point on, each PROOF artist will have their own Artist Profile. The data and features that are accessible to each artist will continue to expand over the coming months. Web3 seeks to follow upcoming projects, forge stronger bonds with existing contacts, and find new artists.

A conference organized by Proof Collective in May brought together artists and NFT collectors to discuss issues pertaining to the ecosystem’s future. Sadly, the event’s organizers had to postpone it earlier this week due to less-than-expected demand.

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