Bitcoin Core Developer Stopping NFT Auction For 0.41 BTC Using His Code

Key Points:

  • Developer Luke Dashjr of Bitcoin core has distanced himself from the NFT that sold his code for 0.41 Bitcoin at auction.
  • Dashjr said that when the auction’s winner called him, he had to explain that he had nothing to do with the transaction.
  • The buyer of the Luke Dashjr NFT has the option of receiving a full refund from Scare City marketplace or having the money donated to OpenSats.
Luke Dashjr, a developer of the Bitcoin core, has criticized the people behind an NFT auction for utilizing his name and code without his permission or knowledge.
Bitcoin Core Developer Stopping NFT Auction For 0.41 BTC Using His Code
Luke Dashjr

The Bitcoin core engineer said that he wasn’t the first to have his name or his work utilized in this manner.

He has cut ties with an NFT that sold his code at auction for 0.41 Bitcoin, or around $10,000.

Dashjr asserted that he was not engaged in the development or marketing of the NFT and that he had not authorized the use of his name or code for such purposes. He stated:

“Let me be clear – I was not involved with the creation and sale of this or any other NFTs. I have not consented to the use of my code or my name for this purpose. Instead, 3rd parties are marketing my name and my code for their own monetary gain.”

Dashjr further disclosed that when the auction’s winner ultimately got in touch with him, he had to let them know he had nothing to do with the transaction. He went on to say that the NFT founders had provided him with an offer of 90% of the profits, which he described as an obvious effort to bribe him into quiet or win his approval. The developer, however, declined the proposal and demanded that the authors return the entire purchase price to the NFT customer.

Bitcoin Core Developer Stopping NFT Auction For 0.41 BTC Using His Code
Source: Twitter

“I felt obligated to speak out, not just for myself, but for other Bitcoin devs who have been placed in similar situations. The amount of money we have been offered as “donations” for acquiescing to what is taking place is considerable. I do not condone it,” he said.

In the meanwhile, Scare City, the auction marketplace that sold the NFT, offered to reimburse the buyer or contribute money to OpenSats.

As Coincu reported, Dashjr was the unlucky target of a hack on the last day of 2022, losing all of his Bitcoins.

The well-known developer expressed disbelief, amazement, and queries about why he couldn’t reach anyone at the FBI or IC3 after learning of the heist. Changpeng Zhao, CEO of Binance, stated that he would try his best to assist and that there are more than 200 Bitcoins available.

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