Early BNB Holder Deposits $1M On Binance, Gains Million-Dollar Profit

Key Points:

  • An early BNB holder deposited $1M worth of BNB on Binance, with an average cost of $3 per token.
  • Andrew Kang purchased a significant amount of ARB, spending a total of $2.85M for 2.3M tokens at an average price of $1.24.
  • Three whales hold a significant portion of ARB, with one becoming the largest individual holder, owning 17.62M tokens worth $21.5M.
Early $BNB holder deposited $1M to Binance, avg cost $3. Andrew Kang bought 2.3M $ARB at the cost of $1.24. Whale holds 17.62M $ARB ($21.5M).
Early BNB Holder Deposits $1M On Binance, Gains Million-Dollar Profit

Recent on-chain data has shown a number of significant transactions in the cryptocurrency market. One early $BNB holder, reported by 0xScope, deposited $1 million worth of the cryptocurrency to Binance, despite the average cost of their $BNB being $3. The $BNB was received from a withdrawal from Binance in 2017.

Meanwhile, Andrew Kang has been actively buying up $ARB, purchasing 1.509 million of the cryptocurrency with an average price of $1.227. Kang now owns 2.3 million $ARB at an average cost of $1.237. However, it has been suggested that he should claim his 5125 $ARB airdrop before making any further purchases.

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Early BNB Holder Deposits $1M On Binance, Gains Million-Dollar Profit

Further on-chain data shows that four whales are continually buying $ARB, with the largest individual holder being a whale who received 5.86 million $ARB ($7.15 million) from http://Gate.io and now holds a total of 17.62 million $ARB ($21.5 million). This same whale also bought 795,381 $ARB with 1 million $USDC at a price of $1.26 and currently holds 10.6 million $ARB ($12.94 million).

In addition, another whale, identified as “0xe04d”, received 532,012 $ARB ($661K) and currently holds 4.58 million $ARB ($5.59 million). These significant transactions show that there is a growing interest in $ARB, with investors and traders looking to add to their portfolios. However, it is important to note that cryptocurrency markets can be volatile, and investors should always do their due diligence before making any investment decisions.

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