Review Saros Finance ($Saros) – Solana’s Next Rookie

Saros Finance is building the first super-network on Solana, a network equipped with a technically strong AMM to bootstrap liquidity and to help projects through a native launchpad while maintaining high liquidity through pools.

As one of the early builders on Solana, Saros Finance believes these are the primary obstacles that need to be addressed as soon as possible to unlock the hypergrowth of the ecosystem.

Concept Project – What is Saros Finance?

Saros Finance is a Solana-based Unified Suite of DeFi Products with three fundamental building blocks: SarosSwap (AMM), SarosFarm (Pool), and SarosPad (Launchpad), with SarosSwap being the core of the entire ecosystem.

  • SarosSwap
  • SarosFarm
  • SarosPad

Saros integrates useful tools that can be said to be “Defi All-in-one” in the platform, users can swap, stake, and invest with extremely low cost but high efficiency.

Saros Finance (Saros token) – Solana's next rookie

Outstanding features

  • What is the project trying to achieve?

Saros Finance aims to be an open platform (permissionless) so anyone can create liquidity at Saros Swap. The platform will deliver extremely fast speeds with low latency even when processing large batches of transactions. However, Saros still ensures security and decentralization.

  • What is unique selling point?

They have built Saros Finance with multiple protocols to create a super-network attracting builders and users to the Solana Ecosystem.


SarosSwap will maximize price discovery, drawing retail investors to Solana.

SarosFarm will entice and engage liquidity providers, resulting in a large inflow of funds while simplifying and accelerating liquidity bootstrapping and encouraging new projects to be built on Solana.

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SarosPad will attract retail investors with high-quality projects. More builders will be encouraged to join Solana as the demand for investments grows.

And obviously, Saros Finance will not limit only to 3 building blocks but will continue to branch into various protocols to satisfy the demands of future users.

Technical Data

Key Metrics Saros Token

  • Token Name: Saros token.
  • Ticker: Updating…
  • Blockchain: Solana.
  • Token Standard: SPL.
  • Contract: Updating…
  • Token Type: Updating…
  • Total Supply: Updating…
  • Circulating Supply: Updating…

Token Allocation


Token Use case

  • Supply liquidity
  • Gamification
  • Airdrop
  • Strong Commitment Offerings (SCO)
  • Staking tokens
  • Hold Tokens
  • Earn Fees 
  • Govern

Token Sale




Markets and Community

Market Supply

Technically, SarosSwap uses the same x*y=k formula as other AMMs on the market, namely Uniswap and PancakeSwap. The focus on UX/UI and Gamification will set SarosSwap apart from the competition.

Future Work







Some major investors of Saros Finance can be mentioned such as #HASHED, SPARTAN…

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Conclusion and analysis

As of now, Saros Finance is at the completion stage for the three protocols. This is the project expected by the Crypto community to bring a new breeze with the “Defi All-in-one” feature in just one platform.

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