New Client Software OP Erigon Introduced With Powerful Functions

Key Points:

  • OP Labs stated that Test in Prod had developed an alternative execution client OP Erigon using modularization and open-source OP Stack.
  • Test in the public RPC and will eventually be published on the OP mainnet.
  • The OP Erigon development team demonstrated the powerful functions of modular and open-source OP Stack.
OP Erigon, a version of the Erigon client software modified from Ethereum’s mainnet execution layer, has been published by Test in Prod, a contributor to the Optimism blockchain.
New Client Software OP Erigon Introduced With Powerful Functions

The client, which was disclosed in a blog post yesterday, is expected to work in tandem with “OP-Geth,” another client software designed expressly for Optimism.

A client is a program that allows users to connect with a blockchain network by validating transactions and storing a local version of the network.

According to OP Labs, Test in Prod used the modular and open-source OP Stack to create an alternative execution client Op Erigon, which is now available for testing on OP Goerli, allowing users to open the source code in the GitHub repository or Tested in Prod’s OP Goerli public RPC, which will eventually be integrated into Optimism mainnet.

Optimism is a Layer 2 scaling solution aiming to boost the throughput and efficiency of Ethereum (or other blockchain networks) by executing calculations off-chain and only reporting the results to the main chain.

New Client Software OP Erigon Introduced With Powerful Functions

The OP Erigon version, which is currently in testing, helps the Optimism blockchain’s attempts to promote client diversity. The unveiling of OP Erigon occurred only one day after startup funding firm Andreessen Horowitz unveiled Magi, its own consensus client, for Optimism.

The Optimism architecture is also intended to support numerous clients running on the Layer 2 network as well as additional chains inside the Optimism ecosystem, such as Coinbase-backed Base. Client variety, according to optimistic contributors, may assist in increasing the network’s overall resilience.

The OP Stack, Optimism’s software architecture, enables the network to be divided into a consensus layer, responsible for reaching consensus, and an execution layer, designated for smart contracts, similar to the Ethereum mainnet.

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