Moonbeam is selling $ 24.5 million GLMR tokens during Take Flight

The Moonbeam Foundation has announced that it has completed the Take Flight community token sale, which will take place September 7-10, 2021.

Moonbeam is selling 245 million GLMR tokens during Take

The Moonbeam Foundation originally intended to provide 80 million GLMR tokens for the event (which is 8% of the total supply). With overwhelming support and requests from the community, that number has increased by 20 million to a total of 100 million tokens. The non-guaranteed rings sold out within two hours of opening.

Some highlights from the Take Flight event:

  • Raised $ 24.5 million
  • 98 million GLMR (9.8% of the initial offer) allocated to the municipality
  • 4,800 people in round one ~ 3,400 people in round two and ~ 2,300 people in round three
  • 74% of verified users on the whitelist were able to participate and receive a token assignment.

Event attendees can now view the final amount of GLMR purchased by logging into the Take Flight website and accessing their “Profile” and selecting “Past Transactions”.

Distribution of GLMR

GLMR is sent to the registered receiving address of each participant 40 days after the Moonbeam network is fully operational, defined as balance transmission and EVM activated.


The launch of Moonbeam Network is subject to Parity’s announcement of the Polkadot Parachain auction time, which will allow Moonbeam to connect as Parachain. With these details in place, the Moonbeam team will announce launch time details.

Moonbeam is selling 245 million GLMR tokens during Take


In addition to the Take Flight program, users can also receive GLMR tokens by contributing DOT to Moonbeam’s crowdloan.

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