Dash Network Suspends Production Of New Blocks

Key Points:

  • The Dash network has stopped producing new blocks, according to the most recent update.
  • It was stated that there was an issue with Dash Core v19 activation.
The Dash network came to a halt on May 22 at block #1874879. According to Samuel Westrich, CTO of the software development company, the issue was triggered by the activation of the Dash Core v19 update.
Dash Network Suspends Production Of New Blocks

Samuel Westrich, the CTO of Dash Core Group, noted a difficulty with v19 activation in a recent Twitter post.

Westrich adds that the chain has paused and is now not creating blocks until the matter is being investigated. He promises additional updates on Twitter as more information becomes available.

Binance has also halted the payout of DASH mining incentives for the time being. According to an official blog post, the dialogue was as follows:

“Due to the situation following the v19 activation of Dash Core, the Dash (DASH) network has temporarily paused the production of new blocks. As such, Binance Pool will temporarily suspend the distribution of DASH mining rewards until the network resumes block production. No further announcement will be posted.”

On May 15, Dash Core Group’s CTO, Samuel Westrich, unveiled substantial enhancements for the Dash network, including the release of Dash Core v19 and the Dash Platform v0.24.

DashCore v19.0 was a significant release that was required for all master nodes, miners, and users. Dash 19.0 provides various new features and improvements, including the BLS scheme migration, high-performance master node implementation, wallet upgrades, and several Bitcoin backport changes.

At the time of publication, no more information on the status of block manufacturing has been released.

Dmitry Korniychuk, the developer of PirateCash, said that using independent software does not enable restarting the blockchain. The network of the privacy-focused cryptocurrency grinds to a standstill due to desync and erroneous blocks.

DASH’s price did not respond to the failure throughout the day, and the token is now trading at about $43.5.

Dash Network Suspends Production Of New Blocks
DASH price chart. Source: TradingView

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