Gala Games Partners With PokerGO To Launch Web3 Poker Game

Key Points:

  • Gala Games, a blockchain gaming platform, is collaborating with PokerGO to create PokerGo Play, a web3 poker game that will go into beta in June 2023.
  • The game, which will be integrated into PokerGO’s current platform, will include web3 aspects as well as robust social features.
  • PokerGO Play will become a prominent sponsor of PokerGO as part of the agreement.
Gala Games, a GameFi initiative, announced on May 22 that it has teamed up with Las Vegas poker streaming network PokerGO to offer a new Web3 social poker game.
Gala Games Partners With PokerGO To Launch Web3 Poker Game

The collaboration opens the way for ‘PokerGO Play,’ a cutting-edge Web3 social poker game that promises to transform the player experience. PokerGO Play will allow players to enhance their in-game avatars and acquire real prizes in order to provide an immersive gaming environment. The highly anticipated game will undergo beta testing in June, with a full-scale release scheduled for later this year.

PokerGO Play blends premier Web3 components on a cutting-edge poker platform to provide a breakthrough social gaming experience for poker lovers worldwide. Users will be able to develop and upgrade their players as well as receive special real-world rewards thanks to novel gameplay and platform functions.

PokerGO published their 1,326 Genesis nonfungible tokens (NFT) collection in May 2022, representing all potential beginning hand combinations in Texas Hold’em. At a floor price of 0.1 ETH, the collection has roughly 52 Ether in total volume transacted.

Gala Games Partners With PokerGO To Launch Web3 Poker Game

Perks for NFT holders at the time included, but were not limited to, opportunities to win cash, memorabilia, and items when their hand appeared in winning situations. PokerGO’s Chief Revenue Officer, Richard Blankenship, stated:

“PokerGO’s extensive experience in poker entertainment combined with the cutting-edge Web3 development at Gala Games is a perfect marriage. Together, we have been able to build a superior social poker game that players everywhere will love.”

As part of the agreement, PokerGO Play will become a major sponsor of PokerGO, obtaining marketing possibilities throughout its content portfolio, which includes the World Series of Poker.

Gala developers revealed on May 18 that they had destroyed over 21 billion GALA tokens worth around $640 million after the protocol’s v2 airdrop.

Gala Games was dealing with a token bridge exploit in November 2022, which resulted in an estimated $4.5 million being stolen from their liquidity pool. Notwithstanding these obstacles, Gala Games and PokerGO remain committed to their aim of launching exceptional events from PokerGO’s dedicated Las Vegas studio and, eventually, revolutionizing the online poker market.

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