The Web3 OKX Wallet Officially Supports Bitcoin NFT Transactions

Key Points:

  • The Web3 OKX Wallet officially supports Ordinals NFT transactions.
  • Users can go to the OKX Web3 wallet Ordinals market to conduct BRC-20 and BTC NFT transactions.
  • The market is a decentralized trading market that supports APP and web transactions with zero handling fees.
The OKX Wallet now officially supports Ordinals NFT transactions, according to the official statement.
The Web3 OKX Wallet Officially Supports Bitcoin NFT Transactions

OKX, the world’s second-largest crypto platform by trading volume and a leading Web3 technology company, has released Bitcoin NFT trading updates for June 7, 2023.

Users may perform BRC-20 and Bitcoin NFT transactions by visiting the OKX Web3 Wallet Ordinals Market. The market is a decentralized trading platform that accepts APP and online transactions with no transaction fees.

OKX Wallet is the first decentralized, multi-chain wallet that enables online and mobile users to trade Bitcoin (BTC) NFTs, see and transfer Bitcoin ordinals, and trade BRC-20 tokens across 60+ blockchains using a single solution. It is also the first multi-chain wallet with no trade commission costs and batch listing capabilities.

OKX was a long-time backer of Bitcoin, including the Lightning Network into its controlled exchange more than two years ago. The initial BRC-20 browser was published before, and the BRC-30 standard proposal was presented to enable a BTC ecosystem pledge mechanism.

OKX Wallet’s Ordinals Market now has a new ‘Bitcoin NFTs’ page, allowing users to buy, sell, and transfer inscriptions. Users may also see their assets via OKX Wallet’s main tab, with ordinals displaying under the NFT sub-tab.

The Web3 OKX Wallet Officially Supports Bitcoin NFT Transactions

The OKX Wallet is the first multi-chain Web3 wallet that uses multi-party computation (MPC) technology, which increases security by removing a single point of failure and makes it simpler for users to regain access to assets in an emergency. All transactions and tokens are on-chain as a genuinely decentralized, self-custody wallet, according to the Bitcoin idea of ‘not your keys, not your coins.’

As Coincu reported, OKX Wallet will also support the Account Abstraction feature, turning users’ wallets into “Smart Accounts” in the coming weeks.

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