Chorus One Brings New Possibilities To Urbit P2P Ecosystem

Key Points:

  • Blockchain staking provider Chorus One joins Urbit network, offering hosting services.
  • Chorus One is the first major blockchain or technology player to build on the Urbit network.
  • Urbit is a peer-to-peer network that offers a more decentralized and secure way to store data.
  • Hosting providers are working to attract more users to the network.
Chorus One, a well-known company that provides staking services for more than 40 blockchains and protocols, has announced that it is joining the growing group of hosting service providers on the Urbit peer-to-peer network.
Chorus One Brings New Possibilities To Urbit P2P Ecosystem

The new platform, called Red Horizon, is the first of its kind on the Urbit network that was not originally built within the close-knit ecosystem, according to Gary Lieberman, a representative from Chorus One.

Urbit is a peer-to-peer network developed in 2002, well before the launch of Bitcoin in 2009. The platform provides users with a “personal server” where they can store their data, and local records of all interactions are kept when users interact over the network. While the platform is not technically a blockchain, it shares many ideals with blockchain technology, such as short-circuiting middlemen and centralized Web2 applications that dominate online activity and profit partly by monetizing users’ data.

Chorus One’s press release on the launch indicates that the new hosting service is “ideal for the general public, DAOs, and any other community interested in leaving MegaCorps behind.” A DAO, or decentralized autonomous organization, is a type of group that’s governed by computer code and token holders, in contrast to a company owned by shareholders and managed by executives.

Chorus One Brings New Possibilities To Urbit P2P Ecosystem

Urbit, however, has been criticized for being complicated to understand and difficult to use. Developers within the ecosystem have acknowledged this issue, and the introduction of hosting providers grew partly out of an effort to attract more users – essentially making it easy for people to get an ID on the network in exchange for a fee.

Chorus One Brings New Possibilities To Urbit P2P Ecosystem

According to Urbit’s website, there are currently three hosting providers up and running, including Tlon, the for-profit company that sponsored the network’s development until 2021. The addition of Chorus One to the list of hosting service providers marks a significant step in the growth of the Urbit network and could potentially attract more users to the platform.

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