Sappy Seals Review: NFT Collection Has An Impressive Community

Sappy Seals is one of the most notable collections in early 2023 since it is one of many relatively minor NFT collections that gain momentum on the secondary market. The NFT volume of Sappy Seals has increased significantly, but the floor price trading remains the same. Let’s find out details about this project with Coincu through this Sappy Seals Review article.
Sappy Seals Review: NFT Collection Has An Impressive Community

What is Sappy Seals?

Sappy Seals, as the name indicates, is a seal-themed NFT PFP, each having its own set of attributes. Sappy Seals mnh là mt NFT meme và là ngi tiên phong v NFT meme trong Web3.

Wab. eth|Seal Father released 10K Sappy Seals NFT to the Ethereum Blockchain. These NFT Seals are adorable and have unique traits.

Each seal wears a distinctive outfit, such as full sleeves, half sleeves, or sleeveless. These outfits are in various color combinations. While some seals are dressed in a cool Havana half-shirt, others are dressed in a hoodie, while yet others are dressed in party t-shirts.

The designer has maintained the individuality of the Sapp Seals heads as well. Although some wear casual caps, others don Mexican hats, and some of the Sappy Seals even have wings.

The project launched in August 2021 and quickly received the attention of the community when it sold out all the NFTs in the collection in just 10 minutes.

Thus far, the highest price paid for a Sappy Seal has been over 150 ETH, or $262,000 at the time of writing, while the average price for a Seal NFT is around 0.473 ETH. The Seals’ currency floor price is at 0.438 ETH, with a total transaction volume of 31.4K ETH, which is extremely good. Seals are appealing to many individuals because of their lower cost when compared to other high-quality PFP NFTs and their potential to one day rank among the top-tier NFT collections.

In order to increase the sustainability of our environment, the Sappy Seals are also donating a portion of their overall sales earnings to ocean cleaning efforts. Proactive assistance for marine habitats is therefore, a critical component of the Seal’s future strategy.

Sappy Seals now have roughly 2,200 owners and a large community of fans. The Sappy Seals community, like many other NFT communities, is as lively as it is varied.

Sappy Seals Review: NFT Collection Has An Impressive Community


Each NFT is made up of 7 different properties including:

  • Hidden has only 1 NFT in its collection.
  • Background has 36 different types including: Orange, Cloudy, Poorple,….
  • Body has 74 different types including: Black Tshirt, Yellow Bomber, Green Scarf, ….
  • Extra has 35 different types including: Black Sunglasses, Carti, Bearn Vr,…
  • Face has 37 different types including: Rounded Eyes, Normal Eyes, Eye Patch, …
  • Head has 56 different types including: Black Beanie, Red Cap, Devil Horns, ….
  • Skin has 31 different types including: Baby Blue, Mint, Gold,…

NFT metrics

  • NFT Collection Name: Sappy Seals
  • Classification: PFPs
  • Total amount of NFTs: 10,000 NFT
  • Blockchain: Ethereum
  • Number of features: 7
  • NFT contract: 0x364C828eE171616a39897688A831c2499aD972ec

Arfing community

The Sappy Seals, unsurprisingly, have their most active place on Discord. With around 10,000 members, the Discord server is now one of the most active Discord NFT groups available. You may check out the Seals marketplace, interact with the community, play mini-games, and much more on the site, which makes the community more appealing.

The community-led Sappy Seals, describe itself as the most inclusive, ethnically diverse, and forward-thinking group in this sector. Additionally, these Seals take pleasure in their community-based content production and are always looking for what’s next.

Fundamentally, we’re all aware that people who just debate floor price variations are only interested in profit and are uninterested in the project itself. In the Sappy Seals Discord, participants actually like talking about the project’s plans, guesses, and any other unimportant subject.

The founders of Sappy Seals broke down the traditional barrier between creators and holders, stressing contact with all members.

Twitter is also used by the Seals community. If you’ve seen Sappy Seals tweets, you’ve probably seen the strange behavior of ‘Arfing,’ which is really emulating the sound produced by genuine seals. Arfing is used by the community to greet each other, convey enthusiasm, and join in on a collective arf.

The Sappy Seals NFT creators want to make the whole leap to become a DAO, or Decentralized Autonomous Organization. They want the Sappy Seals community to be a part of this process, which is why they upped the loyalty to 2.5% on September 7, 2021. This implies that everyone will get 2.5% of every Sappy Seals NFT sale.

This community’s extraordinary growth is poised to accelerate when the Sappy Seals join the metaverse, which will be enabled by the DeFi platform PIXL.

PIXL token

Simply defined, PIXL is a governance token obtained by stacking Sappy Seals NFTs. With a PIXL token, you may vote on various community suggestions, such as how to handle the treasury.

Apart from that, if you possess Sappy Seals NFT, you will be able to participate in PIXL Farming on the PIXL/ETH pools. You may mint Sappy Seals NFTs and utilize them later in the Metaverse through farming.

The farmable NFTs from the PIXL/ETH pool will be of varying rarity, and the window will only be available for a short time.

Sappy Seals NFT has four distinct kinds of pools, with the lowest tier pool requiring one week of commitment and the highest tier pool requiring four weeks. Users may quit the pool before the commitment term is completed, however, there will be a fee.

The following farm economics have been created by the Sappy Seals team:

  • To join, you must have a certain number of LP tokens.
  • If you want to leave the pool before the commitment term is over, you will be charged a small fee.
  • Holders with a longer time commitment, such as four weeks, will get the rarest things.
  • The pool will shut after a set amount of Sappy Seals NFTs have been minted, making room for a fresh rotation.
  • Seal Gear NFTs may be stacked.

The PIXL token is the base-layer token for The Pixelverse – a cross-community metaverse for gaming, earning, and meeting people. PIXL is a project housed on the BNB Smart Chain that is bringing the world of advertising to the metaverse.

That is its own deep rabbit hole that we want to investigate in a future essay. All you need to know for now is that Sappy Seals is using the platform to expand into the metaverse. Sappy Seals will coexist alongside Winter Bears, 2px, and other intriguing metaverse projects since PIXL is cross-platform. The potential of such a crossover metaverse remains unexplored, but the chances are promising.

One feature that deserves your notice is the ability to stake Sappy Seals in order to earn PIXL tokens. What makes Sappy Seal Staking unique is that PIXL offers rarity-based rewards, which means you will get a return dependent on how rare your NFT is. Since there are 6000 blocks mined every day, it is now feasible to produce approximately 0.033 PIXL per minute.

P2E game

The next game is a natural next step in the Sappy Seal metaverse expansion. The game is currently under development and will employ a play-to-earn paradigm that will allow players to use NFT-enabled virtual items in-game. The game’s alpha version is presently playable on the Sappy Seals website. Now, the Sappy Seals Review article will explore how to own the project’s NFTs.

How to buy Sappy Seals NFTs?

Sappy Seals NFTs may be found on and Rarible. Nevertheless, not all of the Sappy Seals NFTs are for sale. Certain Sappy Seals NFTs are exclusively accessible via auction. To purchase the NFTs or place a bid, sign in to your OpenSea or Rarible account using your digital wallet.

Sappy Seals Review: NFT Collection Has An Impressive Community


Sappy Seals is developed by Seal Team Six, consisting of 6 anonymous members. In it, Wab. eth|Seal Father is the head and founder of Pixlverse – a metaverse platform that has strategically partnered with many other NFT projects to build a powerful group.

Should you own Sappy Seal NFT?

Sappy Seals are a fantastic investment since they are reasonably priced and are on the A-list of NFT PFPs. The seals are a highly sought-after collection, thanks to the strong community support and all the recent incursions into the metaverse. You may even take advantage of the recent price drop to invest in the Seals. At the same time, this should not be construed as financial advice. NFTs are subject to high volatility and other pricing hazards. Be sure to do extensive research before investing in NFT. The NFT excitement is expected to continue until 2024, and Sappy Seals may expand significantly.

Conclusion of Sappy Seals Review

Sappy Seals is a unique NFT collection that develops in response to the Meme trend and aspires to introduce NFT memes into the Web3 global environment.

Lastly, every Sappy Seals member wants to be a part of something larger. If you come across a project with a decent track record and a staff that seems to understand how to establish a brand, you’re probably on the right route to discovering the greatest long-term community to contribute to. Hopefully the Sappy Seals Review article has helped you understand more about the project.

DISCLAIMER: The information on this website is provided as general market commentary and does not constitute investment advice. We encourage you to do your own research before investing.

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