Review Panther Protocol ($ZKP) – Building MVP On Polygon For End-To-End Privacy

Panther Protocol, a privacy protocol that connects blockchains to ensure privacy in smart contracts, Web3 and Defi has announced a partnership with Polygon (MATIC) on which it would be building its MVP.

Concept Project – What is Panther?

Panther is a decentralized privacy meta-protocol enabling confidential, trusted transactions and interoperability with DeFi.


Panther is an end-to-end privacy protocol for digital assets, which can be deployed in a compliant way on any public blockchain.

Outstanding features

What is the project trying to achieve?

The protocol aims to bring interoperable privacy and compliance-friendly selective disclosure methods onto Polygon. On the other hand, Polygon would be actively hand-holding the development of the MVP, provide client and technical support and also help Panther to work with applications and projects on the Polygon network and help in the transition towards a private and compliant DeFi ecosystem.


What is the unique selling point?

Privacy for any digital asset. Panther is not going to be limited by layer 1 or type of asset. Panthers’ privacy features can expand to any digital asset on any public layer 1 (they call them to peer coins). They want zAsset to go wherever DeFi goes.

Interoperability. It’s unlikely that one chain will rule them all, so there will always be a need for cross-chain transactions. Panther will provide a private interchain DEX module to enable these cross-chain transactions.

Confidentiality. Panther provides users with the ability to select the level of privacy they want at the transaction level. One of our most interesting approaches is to enable selective disclosure of any of their transactions to meet the requirements of the counterparty or regulator.

Panther Protocol How It Works

Strong privacy threshold. Mixing services require a large set of inputs to effectively obfuscate the link between the input and output of a transaction. Panther will ensure that a certain privacy threshold is met to allow transactions of a particular zAsset to go through. The tokenomics will incentivize liquidity provision for mixing to ensure there is a large enough pool of assets to provide a strong privacy threshold for users.

Price discovery for privacy. In most privacy protocols, privacy is not explicitly priced, even if it bears a cost for the user. With Panther, privacy will be priced explicitly through dynamic transaction fees and paid in ZKP rather than as a fee applied to the transacted digital assets. They will write more about this novel pricing mechanism in future articles. In short, the more privacy is provided to users, the cheaper it will become to enjoy privacy, resulting in powerful network effects for on-chain privacy

Road Map

Panther Protocol Roadmap

Technical Data

The Panther Token ($ZKP) is a finite supply privacy-preserving governance token that represents a right to vote on governance proposals on the Panther Protocol. It is designed to support the function of the protocol and provide incentives for its maintenance.

Token Allocation

  • Founders, Team and advisors: 10.00%
  • Public: 10.00%
  • Private strategic investors: 20.00%
  • Staking Rewards: 20.00%
  • Community engagement and Privacy Mining Incentives: 40.00%

Token Sale


  • Ticker: ZKP 
  • Token type: ERC20 
  • Total Tokens: 1,000,000,000
  • Blockchain Network: Ethereum
  • The initial supply of ZKP:10% of the total tokens. 
  • The maximum supply: 1B tokens. 
  • The maximum supply is expected to be hit over a 12-year time frame.

Token release Schedule

  • 20% of total supply is issued to founders, team and advisors of Stellium, the company contracted to build Panther, with a gradual unlocking over 3 years.
  • 20% of total supply will be sold by Stellium to the public with a gradual unlocking over 1 year.
  • 10% of total supply will be sold by Stellium to private strategic investors with a gradual unlocking over 3 years.
  • 40% of total supply will be reserved for staking rewards and emitted using an exponential decay issuance curve over 10 years to encourage early adopters and stakers on Panther Protocol.
  • 10% of total supply will be reserved by the Panther DAO for community engagement and Privacy Mining incentives.

Token Use Case

  • To pay for fees within the Panther ecosystem that also represents a right to vote on governance issues.
  • To pay relayer node fees to responsible Gas Station nodes.
  • To compensate privacy miners, using open market pricing mechanics, for creating zAsset transactions within the Panther Pool on Ethereum.
  • To fund the Panther DAO and future Panther Improvement Proposals (PIPs) with a portion of transaction fees, at a rate set by $ZKP token holders.
  • To compensate Trust Providers for providing attestations about users.
  • To reward Privacy Miners for providing zAssets to the Panther Pool
  • To pay relayer fees for new private Ethereum addresses.
  • To pay various fees on the DEX

How to own the token?

$ZKP could be bought on Uniswap.

Markets and Community


In the next phases, they will continue our journey to fulfill their vision. Panther Protocol will be developed to enhance the level of decentralization, and to become an industry-leading Layer 1 inter-chain DEX with privacy features



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This week they announced the end of their private funding rounds having raised $8 million to work on bringing privacy in the Decentralised Finance world. More than 140 individuals and VCs have joined the Panthers’ mission.



Panther Protocol Team



Panther Protocol Investors

Alternative project

The Panther Foundation, later the Panther DAO, will provide development grants to incentivize development teams to participate in and develop the Panther Protocol. The goal of Panther Protocol is to ensure collaboration, exchange of ideas, and foster the growth of the developer community around the project. The project will have a developer-friendly and fully documented open interface, making it easy to integrate projects and teams.

Final Thought

Though the ZKP token of Panther would be launched only on Polygon and the tokens would then be bridged over through the interoperable capabilities of Polygon, the company would be building the MVP only on Polygon due to its high technical capabilities, very low gas fees, and also due to the thriving dApp ecosystem within the network. This is indeed a shot in the arm for Polygon which has always been viewed as a substitute for Ethereum but is slowly beginning to make a name for itself so much so that many developers and users are now beginning to choose Polygon over Ethereum for their transactions and project due to its low gas fees but also due to the reliability that the underlying Ethereum network offers.

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