Bitcoin Ordinals Launchpad Introduces BRC-69 Standard, 90% Reduction

Key Points:

  • Bitcoin Ordinals platform Luminex proposes BRC-69 standard to reduce inscription costs and optimize block space.
  • Recursive inscriptions allow inscriptions to work together, reducing costs by over 90%.
  • BRC-69 enables on-chain pre-reveal process, paving the way for more enhancements and features.
Bitcoin Ordinals launchpad platform Luminex has proposed the BRC-69 standard to improve the ease of creating Recursive Ordinals collections on the Bitcoin blockchain.
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Recursive inscriptions were introduced last month to overcome Bitcoin’s 4 MB per block size limitation, which restricts the size of NFTs. These inscriptions work together, allowing them to reference the content of other inscriptions using a special syntax.

Luminex’s BRC-69 proposal could reduce inscription costs by more than 90%, which would optimize the Bitcoin block space as the number of inscriptions grows. This reduction is achieved through a 4-step process of inscribing traits, deploying a collection, compiling it, and minting the assets. The proposal means that minters would only need to inscribe a single line of text rather than a full image, which would serve as a reference, allowing the final image to be automatically rendered across Ordinals frontends using on-chain resources.

Bitcoin Ordinals

This proposal not only has the potential to save costs, but also pave the way for more enhancements and features. For example, launching collections with a fully on-chain pre-reveal process would mean the unveiling of the collection, including the final image and its associated traits, would happen directly on the blockchain without requiring off-chain resources.

The Ordinals protocol came to prominence earlier this year, enabling the creation of tokens and NFTs on the Bitcoin blockchain. This caused a surge in transactions and fees on the network. With the new BRC-69 standard, Recursive Ordinals collections will be even easier to create and manage, which could lead to further growth in the use of Bitcoin NFTs and tokens in the future.

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