0xPass Secures $1.8M Funding Boost with Balaji Srinivasan Backing for Web3 Login

Key Points:

  • 0xPass, incubated by Stanford Blockchain Club, secures $1.8M in funding.
  • Investors include AllianceDAO, Soma Capital, and prominent individual backers.
  • Aims to revolutionize Web3 wallet security, offering versatile authentication methods.
0xPass, the Web3 wallet security infrastructure project incubated by the Stanford Blockchain Club, has proudly announced the successful closure of a $1.8 million funding round.
0xPass Secures $1.8M Funding Boost with Balaji Srinivasan Backing for Web3 Login

This milestone was achieved with the backing of prominent investors, including AllianceDAO, Soma Capital, Alchemy Ventures, Blockchain Builders Fund, and Formula Ventures, among others.

The mission of 0xPass is to bolster the security of non-custodial wallets by offering developers the ability to integrate a diverse range of authentication methods. This innovative approach aims to enhance the user experience while fortifying the security of digital assets in the rapidly evolving Web3 landscape.

0xPass stands out as a groundbreaking solution, analogous to Auth0 in the Web2 realm or a password management infrastructure like 1Password. By enabling developers to incorporate multiple authentication methods, including cutting-edge biometrics, decentralized identity solutions, and more, 0xPass strives to make Web3 wallet security accessible and robust.

The roster of investors in 0xPass is an impressive testament to the project’s potential. Notable participants include Balaji Srinivasan and Cory Levy, along with contributions from Kommune, Hashed EM, Signum Capital/UOB, Nonce Classic, and several individual investors who share the vision of advancing Web3 wallet security.

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