Starknet Cairo V2.3.0 Is Now Officially Released With Performance Upgrades

Key Points:

  • Starknet Cairo V2.3.0 is now officially released, featuring performance upgrades and component dependency management.
  • Cairo’s developer base has surged by 875% over the past two years, underscoring its versatility beyond blockchain.
  • Starknet plans key changes to its Feeder gateway in Q4 2023, strengthening its Ethereum expansion role.
Starknet Cairo V2.3.0 has officially transitioned from a candidate release to an official release version, bringing with it a host of improvements and innovations.
Starknet Cairo V2.3.0 Is Now Officially Released With Performance Upgrades

Starknet Cairo V2.3.0 Official Release with Enhancements

This significant update introduces performance enhancements, bug fixes, and the integration of new inline macros designed to streamline the management of component dependencies.

Notably, Starknet had previously introduced components in Starknet Cairo V2.3.0, offering a versatile means of modularizing contract modules. This introduced additional functionality, storage options, and events to enhance the capabilities of the programming language.

Cairo, which is used in Starknet and StarkEx, has witnessed a remarkable surge in developer adoption, with a remarkable 875% increase in the number of full-time developers over the past two years. This growth highlights Cairo’s versatility, extending beyond blockchain applications to any scenario requiring proof of computation.

Cairo’s Surge and Starknet’s Ethereum Expansion Plans

Moreover, Starknet has exciting plans for the future, with significant changes to its Feeder gateway set for Q4 2023. These changes will further solidify Starknet’s role in the expansion of Ethereum, underscoring its position as a driving force in blockchain innovation.

As the popularity and utility of Cairo continue to expand, developer adoption is poised for further growth. The achievements of Cairo and Starknet underscore their pivotal role in advancing the blockchain industry and beyond.

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