Friend Tech Data Hits All-Time Lows, TVL Plummets to 22,431 ETH

Key Points:

  • Trading volume and fee capture plunge to $881k, marking significant declines.
  • Daily average new users dip to approximately 560, as Gas usage hits historical lows.
  • Total Value Locked (TVL) nosedives by 25.8% to 22,431 ETH from October’s peak.
Friend Tech data has recently encountered a downward trajectory, with its primary data hitting all-time lows.
Friend Tech Data Hits All-Time Lows, TVL Plummets to 22,431 ETH

According to recent reports, the platform’s trading volume and fee capture on November 1st plummeted to $881k, marking a significant decline from its previous levels, reminiscent of the lows observed in early September. Additionally, the number of active traders on the platform stands at 6.03k, further underscoring the notable decrease in user engagement and market activity.

In conjunction with the dwindling trading metrics, Friend Tech data’s daily average of new users over the past three days has dwindled to approximately 560, signaling a concerning trend in user acquisition and platform adoption. Moreover, the proportion of Gas usage within the Base network has dwindled to 3.8%, mirroring historical lows and emphasizing the waning utilization of the platform’s underlying infrastructure.

TVL Plummets and User Engagement Declines

Friend Tech Data Hits All-Time Lows, TVL Plummets to 22,431 ETH

Amidst these challenging developments, Friend Tech data’s Total Value Locked (TVL) has witnessed a substantial decline of approximately 25.8%, plummeting to 22,431 ETH from its peak of 30,247 ETH recorded in early October. This significant drop in TVL not only reflects the decreased confidence and participation of investors within the Friend Tech ecosystem but also raises questions about the platform’s overall market position and long-term sustainability.

Friend Tech data grapples with these unprecedented challenges, industry experts and stakeholders are closely monitoring the platform’s strategic response and mitigation efforts to address the underlying factors contributing to the current downturn. The dynamic and competitive nature of the cryptocurrency landscape underscores the importance of proactive measures and strategic adjustments to navigate market fluctuations and ensure the long-term viability and resilience of cryptocurrency platforms in an increasingly dynamic and evolving digital economy.

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