Lido wstETH Is Now Launched On Base

Key Points:

  • Lido DAO introduces wstETH on Coinbase’s Base L2 network, offering users access to staked ETH through KyberSwap, Beefy, and Superbridge.
  • The move strengthens Ethereum’s liquidity and stability within the Base ecosystem, following successful launches of other Layer 2 solutions.
  • This development enhances Base’s status as a prominent Ethereum Layer 2 platform, benefiting both users and protocols.
Lido announced the launch of wstETH on the Coinbase L2 network Base, opening up new opportunities for the Base ecosystem.
Lido wstETH Is Now Launched On Base

The addition of Lido wstETH to Base follows successful earlier introductions on Arbitrum, Optimism, Polygon, and Cosmos. Since its August debut, Base has solidified its position as one of the leading Ethereum Layer 2 solutions, boasting remarkable user growth, unique applications, and a thriving developer community.

With wstETH now available on Base, users can harness their staked ETH within the expanding Base DeFi ecosystem. Additionally, Base protocols can seamlessly integrate wstETH, enhancing both liquidity and usability across the platform.

The wstETH Base bridge extends the advantages of Lido‘s staked ETH to Base users and protocols, further enhancing the usability of Ethereum Layer 2 solutions. Initially, Base users can access Lido wstETH through dApps like KyberSwap, Beefy, and Aerodrome, with the promise of its integration into more growing protocols on the horizon.

This development signifies a significant step in advancing the utility of Ethereum Layer 2 networks, bringing staked ETH to a broader user base within the Base ecosystem, and paving the way for a more interconnected and efficient DeFi landscape.

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