Cardanos Alonzo White could appear on Testnet as early as July

2021 is an important year for Cardano and the platform’s executives. In fact, the fifth largest coin in the ADA market made headlines after a period of consolidation after the first Plutus Smart Contract was successfully published on its Alonzo Testnet (Testnet).

Last development

Recently in the Discussions Chief Marketing Officer Tim Harrison presented the latest ecosystem updates live on the IOHK YouTube page, alongside Nigel Hemsley, Kevin Hammond and Dimitris Poulopoulos. According to Chief Technology Officer Kevin Hammond, “The transition from Alonzo Blue to White is planned for next week while the team initiates basic network functions and the initial ADA distribution to Stakepool operators.”

However, Hammond adds:

“In this phase of the Alonzo rollout, we do not yet have all the core support mechanisms and not even the Plutus backend.”

They achieved that

When talk with Dimitris Poulopoulos, head of the smart contracts sales team, Poulopoulos explained:

“It can be as simple as a transaction that returns“ Hello world ”or confirms a payment. That means that Alonzo operates smart contracts. “

The same was said in a. repeated report Last posted:

“The team continues to work on the Alonzo node and provides the first“ Hello, world ”script. They are also restricting the use of line types in the Plutus contract and are working on replacing Eventful with Beam. “


Sales Director Nigel Hemsley has Explain more about an important aspect related to this transition. The company predicts Alonzo White will launch in July to be successful, but the company needs to make sure partners and innovators can run their scripts.

“As soon as they prove they can send, validate and execute the chain, we can get started.”

Nigel Hemsley also revealed that solving basic assignments went well in the Alonzo Blue program.

“When we move to White, we will be following steps that combine a new version of Node and an improved CLI with capabilities that allow anyone to automatically calculate the required execution units as well as the required execution units. Other functions allow users to run more advanced applications to develop.” .

There must be a tap commitment test the data fund for Alonzo White subscribers before actually switching to it.

According to the route Alonzo Purple, Alonzo Red and Alonzo Black are expected to follow Blue and White before the HFC event takes place in the final month of the third quarter of 2021.

Minh Anh

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