Polish miners use solar panels to mine bitcoins and use them in their homes

In an effort to reduce the carbon footprint of Bitcoin (BTC) mining operations and lower electricity bills, Polish miner Pawecie Wojciechowski used solar panels (modules) to mine cryptocurrency and then use the excess heat to heat the Water in his household.

Polish miners use solar panels to mine bitcoins and use

Polish miner uses solar panel to mine Bitcoin and use it in his home

Wojciechowski, who runs an IT company in Gniezno, western Poland, told Polish news site Onet.pl that his bitcoin mining hardware uses 38 kWh of electricity in 24 hours, which drove up his family’s energy consumption. An average refrigerator now consumes 0.8 kWh over the same period.

“I own bitcoin mining equipment and run an IT company, so I have several computers, two servers, and a lot of other electronic devices in my house,” said Wojciechowski. That’s why my energy consumption is so much higher than the energy consumption of a typical household. “

He said he currently has 31 panels on the roof with a total capacity of 9.9 kWp, with many panels waiting to be installed as he needs almost 20 kWp, he said. “For comparison: a friend of mine currently has a standard PV system with an output of 4.5 kWp installed in his house, which perfectly suits his needs.”

How Polish miners use solar panels to mine bitcoins and use them in their homes

Peak kilowatts (kWp) and kilowatt hours (kWh) are units of measurement for evaluating the performance of a PV system. KWp is used to measure the energy output of a system at peak efficiency, i.e. the total solar irradiation in a specific location, while kWh measures the amount of energy that is produced per kWp of capacity modules in a typical or real year.

“When the weather is good, my roof-top PV system generates almost 68 kWh,” says the miner. “That’s why I don’t pay for electricity and I also earn money with crypto mining.”

Wojciechowski said he bought his used bitcoin mining hardware for PLN 800 (US $ 211) on a Polish auction site, but “a year later the same device was sold for around PLN 20,000 and I made a big one Profit. “

The PV system he used was valued at around PLN 50,000 to 55,000 (US $ 13,180 to 14,500) and he installed it himself to keep costs down. The miner spent about PLN 4,000 ($ 1,050) to reduce the noise from the hardware and allow it to heat the water he uses in his household.

“Currently my mining rig is mining around PLN 350 crypto a month, but I don’t want to convert it into cash because I see crypto as a long-term investment,” he said, adding that he is raising his monthly savings. estimates electricity could be PLN 1,000 (USD 260).

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