Review Acura Network ($ACURA) – The first DeFi 2.0 all-in-one

Acura Network, powered by Polygon, is the world’s first reinvented decentralized trading platform and auto-generating liquidity protocol. DeFi is on the verge of supplanting traditional finance entirely. Despite the fact that DeFi 1.0 is the main reason for finance’s modernization, the market is rising to new heights. Acura’s DeFi variant outperforms DeFi 1.0 models such as Pancakeswap and Uniwap, offers a number of tools, including but not limited to pricebotTG and price alerts, for a smoother and better DeFi experience, as well as insight tools and massive amounts of data for increased decision making, and deep market analytics to know every possible aspect about a DeFi project.

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What is Acura Network?

Acura launches DeFi 2.0, which is built on Polygon. The first entirely redesigned trading platform and auto-generating liquidity protocol created to address and improve upon the flaws of DeFi 1.0.

Acura’s redesigned DeFi model promises a more smooth user experience as well as a slew of interface and UI improvements. Real-time data, multi-swap and token pairs (DEXplorer), staking pools, trade analysis, yield aggregated farms, and price alerts are among them.

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Outstanding Features

What is the project trying to achieve?

The primary goal of Acura Network is to bring the benefits of decentralization to everyone, regardless of their financial situation. Acura Network’s UI/UX is designed to be as basic as possible in order to allow everyone access. The Acura Network platform is device-agnostic and can be switched from mobile to desktop mode. Acura Network customers can purchase the Acura Network token from an exchange and use it to pay their Acura Network membership.

In addition to these advantages, allows customers to save data and retrieve it from any device. Acura Network is a reliable network since it supports several devices and avoids the need for data transfer. Investors can set up alerts to be notified of changes in their preferred exchange or platform.

Getting started with DeFi is the most difficult obstacle for newcomers in the sector. The Decentralized world is young, and Decentralized exchanges lack the necessary analytical data and tools to facilitate effective and optimized trade. There is a need for the right analytical data and functions to reduce blind trading and enable people to make DeFi more secure, intuitive, and predictable.

Trading without an in-depth understanding of market patterns can be quite perilous when you are just getting your feet wet with cryptocurrency. One poor action at the start could spell the end of your crypto quest. The risks are caused by the market, which is expanding on a regular basis and is fraught with uncertainty. New investors and traders require a platform that allows them to trade, analyze, and strategize all in one place without having to go between sites.

What is the unique selling point?

Stop-loss order incorporation

Due to the unpredictability of the cryptocurrency market, traders must manually set price alerts when a single coin or token crosses a predetermined price level in order to close their position and avoid losses. The issue stems from the fast-paced nature of markets; even the slightest exchange delay will result in your position suffering a large loss. In the event of unfavorable market volatility, Acura’s stop-loss order feature instantly closes trades at the pre-determined price.

Order book functionality

Their order book function allows users to review offers from other traders in order to determine how much people are willing to purchase and sell and then set individual buy and sell instructions appropriately.

Dependable User Experience

Acura Network is changing the way DeFi trading is done by establishing an all-in-one platform where everyone from beginners to pros can study, analyze, draw conclusions, and stake in projects.

This is made possible by a simple UI/UX design, an updated engine, and new databases to assist traders in developing accurate strategies and making sound trading selections.

Acura not only works on most platforms, but its interoperability also allows for high-speed and low-cost bridging to other independent blockchain networks, thanks to its cross-chain DeFi network.

Polygon integration

Acura chose to collaborate with Polygon in order to avoid many of the current Ethereum network problems. High transaction fees and a poor user experience are among these challenges. Both platforms combine for a seamless user experience by combining Polygon’s constantly increasing ecosystem with Acura’s perks and improvements. Acura also has the following features:

  • Price notifications
  • PriceBotTG \sVaults
  • Token Pairs and Multiswap
  • Staking pools
Acura Network
Source: Acura Network


Acura Network
Source: Acura Network

Technical Data

Key Metrics

  • Token Name: Acura
  • Token Ticker: ACURA
  • Blochain: MATIC
  • Token Standard: ERC20
  • Contract: TBA
  • Token Type: Utility
  • Total Supply: 1,000,000,000
  • Circulating Supply: 4.15%

Token Allocation

Acura Network
Source: Acura Network

Token Sale

IDO Schedule: TBA

Token Release Schedule

TBA by the end of this Octorber

Token Use Case


Markets and Community


Acura Network
Source: Acura Network

Alternative Project

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Acura is a good choice for inexperienced or beginner crypto traders. Their insight tools and reliable data analysis equip DeFi initiatives with actionable strategies and deep market understanding. Already a full-featured platform, their design offers traders the end-to-end solutions needed to make every trader’s selection successful.

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