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What is Qredo (QRDO)?

Qredo is a decentralized Layer 2 crypto asset custody protocol with a number of built-in rules and governance models to create a consensus mechanism. Layer 2 is layer 3, which supports decentralized communication that enables immediate replication of communication between all parties and at the same time offers end-to-end encryption integration for data protection and security. Communication can take place between machine-to-machine, machine-to-human or human-to-human.

Qredo’s philosophy is that Layer 2 protocols reach their full potential when they

uses decentralized communication protocols, layer 3, as an independent layer to relieve any unrelated communication. This is required for any Layer 2 that wants to provide effective solutions for traditional financial institutions that want to join or develop DeFi protocols.

The Qredo protocol uses multi-party calculations to create separate deposit addresses and eliminate the risk of private key theft. MPC nodes sign transactions using a secure, consensus-driven workflow without the need for central storage of private keys.

The design of the protocol, from the consensus layer to the design of the digital assets and economic security, is based on ensuring that the entire network is a vault and eliminates all risks for liquidity providers, market makers and traders. All deposits and stocks are balanced 1: 1 between the information on layer 1 and the information displayed in the Qredo Block Explorer.

What problem was Qredo designed to solve?

  • The digital asset economy suffers from many industry-specific structural problems that lead to a lack of liquidity and hinder the functioning of the financial markets.
  • The transaction confirmation times are extremely slow, which results in the need to lock up all trading and credit operations up to 100% of the capital.
  • Transaction fees are too high and attacks on projects in the cryptocurrency industry are becoming more common due to security gaps.
  • Larger capital market players want to enter the crypto market, but are unable to do so because there is a lack of company-level infrastructure and audits to ensure security, governance and compliance to support cross-system processing and cross-platform liquidity.

Features of Qredo

Controlled decentralized asset custody

  • Self-managed and third-party hosting
  • Company authorization and decentralized control
  • Multi-asset fund management
  • DeFi control panel

Decentralized RFQ system analyzes and credit facilities

  • Cross-chain atom swap
  • Instant bank transfer
  • Automatic net billing
  • Chat with P2P / P2Pool traders
  • Access to the liquidity pool
  • Cross chain DEX connection Kết

Rules of decentralization

  • Automated and customizable reports
  • Keep immutable records of transactions and messages
  • Auditing, verification and insurance

Highlights of Qredo

Decentralized security

Qredo’s protocol claims ownership of assets in a decentralized ledger instead of storing it in a central database. Based on the MPC network consensus that eliminates the risk of private key theft.

Cross-chain interoperability

Help the development of the cross-chain cryptocurrency market with simple cross-chain atom swaps and cross-chain credit facilities.

Transaction security and automatic execution

Qredo has built in security and data protection protocols that ensure that no partner in the Qredo network knows your strategy and that transactions are not affected by preliminary runs, MEV interruptions and other activities.

Basic information about the QRDO token

  • Token name: Qredo
  • ticker: QRDO
  • Blockchain: Project’s own blockchain blockchain
  • Token standard: To update
  • contract: To update
  • Token type: Utilities, administration
  • Total offer: 1,000,000,000 QRDO
  • Circulation supply: To update

Token assignment

Token assignment

  • Ecosystem and validators involved in the original project: 15%
  • Crew: 22%
  • Investors: 34.3%
  • Advisors: 3.7%
  • Reserve funds: 3.784%
  • Token Sales: 11.216%
  • Stake out bonus: 10%

Token release schedule

Token release schedule

What is QRDO token used for?

  • Administration.
  • Rewards for validators, liquidity providers, traders, and custodian service users.

QRDO token storage wallet


How to earn and own QRDO tokens


Where can I buy and sell QRDO tokens?

Take part in the public sale of QRDO tokens on the Coinlist platform.



Project development team

Project development team

What does the future of the Qredo project look like, should I invest in QRDO tokens?

Qredo is a decentralized asset custody service that fully meets enterprise-class requirements to help companies participate securely in the cryptocurrency market. Since the Qredo project recently conducted a public sale on the Coinlist platform, which is a hot token issuing platform, CoinCu believes that the sales price of QRDO tokens will have good growth potential compared to the public sale price. Through this article, you must have some understanding of the basic information about the project in order to make your own investment decisions. CoinCu is not responsible for your investment decisions. I wish you every success and a lot of profit from this potential market.

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